Credit, Oh Credit

Friday, October 3, 2014

For the longest time, I had no need to worry about financial anything. Oh the bliss of being a young college student! Then I stepped into the real world and I started thinking about things like being able to pay bills, having a rainy day fund and building my credit score. 

I recently decided I wanted to get a credit card in order to build my credit score. I have been responsible with my money and saved an amount exceeding my goal in a shorter period of time than I planned. I thought I could be responsible enough to get a credit card. 

My banks had different opinions I suppose. I have applied for a few credit cards at the credit union which I have an account as well as a few other well known banks. All of them have denied my application claiming that I don't have sufficient credit history. Well, if this isn't a case of which came first? The chicken or the egg?! How am I supposed to get credit history if nobody will give me a credit card?

After feeling like I was a lost cause when it came to credit, I finally went to SunTrust to see what they had to offer. It turns out they have a credit card they advertise as helping to build or repair your credit. Ah Ha! Just what I need. You open a savings account with them for the amount of your credit limit and I'm assuming if you fail to pay your bill they will take the money out of your savings as a payment. 

SunTrust does require you to visit a local branch in order to inquire more about their Secure Credit Card, but I'm planning to pay them a visit today to see if I am a candidate. Hopefully I can be on the road to building a pretty awesome credit score!


  1. Good luck! I had the same predicament after college since I never had a credit card... I finally ended up buying my MacBook from Best Buy on a store credit card (that my then boyfriend now husband) co-signed for me because he had had credit cards for years... and then I made payments for 12 months instead of buying it all at once like I could have, and that helped some... and I was able to get a real one after that!

  2. It's so frustrating when you are trying to build credit and no credit card company will approve you! We only have 1 credit card and it's for emergency situations.

  3. hmm... are you still in school? My old bank offered a "student" credit card where my limit was only $500. I used that for a few years and then once I got married, my husband and I got a joint card through USAA. Seemed to work out pretty well!

  4. It is so hard to get approved when you first start out! My first card was a Capital One but I was on my parent's card for years so I already had a little bit of credit built up. I agree with Livia...USAA is an amazing military perk to take advantage of!

  5. I got a credit card my first try, but it was through my credit union and I have a car loan on my credit, so it wasn't all that hard to get it. It's weird you have had so much trouble! I always use my credit card like a debit card. If the money isn't in your account, it doesn't exist on the credit card!