DIY Christmas Series: Chalk Board Reminder Board

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Welcome to the third DIY Christmas Series project! Today is another decoration, but this week is a useful decoration. It’s the Clear Chalkboard Reminder board. This week is super simple, no delicate cutting or much thought required.

For this project, you’ll need a frame, paper, clear chalkboard paint, a brush and chalk of course! All of these can be found at Michaels. (I know you can find the paper and frames at other craft stores, but I'm not sure about clear chalkboard paint.) Don’t forget your coupon for your frame. I got a rather inexpensive frame. I paid approximately $5 for mine. I wanted the paper and chalk board to be the focus rather than the frame. Also Michaels frequently runs the paper on sale. I got mine for 25 cents!

If you paper doesn’t fit your frame exactly, you can cut it down so it will. The 12 x 12 paper was a better price than the other sizes so I decided to get that. Plus the 12 x 12's have a better selection. 

After your paper has been sized for your frame, you will want to paint the clear chalkboard paint over your paper. I did a two coats over the paper. One coat with in each direction (long-ways and short ways). I let my paper sit about 10 or so minutes between coats. I wanted to make sure it was dry before I started painting on it again.

After you've got a few coats of clear chalkboard paint on your paper, you'll want to "condition" the surface by rubbing chalk all over it. You can take a dry paper towel to clean it after you've conditioned it.

Take the glass out of your frame and put your dry chalkboard coated paper in the frame. Grab your chalk and write fun notes on your newly made chalkboard reminder board!

PS I love Coca-Cola, if you couldn't tell from the red paper and my note!