DIY Christmas Series: Stained Glass Resin Coasters

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Woah! Two DIYs in a row. Welcome to the fourth DIY Christmas series. This week’s DIY can be useful to anybody, plus they can be customized! It is homemade (Stained Glass) Coasters. My friend Lisande and I collect all of our scrap pieces, so this is the perfect use for them.

Now, I put stained glass in parenthesis because you can replace the stained glass to fit the person you’re giving the coasters to. So pick out something small to put in your coaster and get the supplies. You’ll need a circular silicone egg shaper (I recommend getting a couple, they are approximately $5 each), a silicone mat, hot glue gun, Easy Cast Resin, two throw away cups and popsicle sticks.

This project takes a little bit of time and needs an even level surface, so make sure to set up in a place where your coasters can sit up to 48 hours without needing to be moved.

First you will need to hot glue your egg shaper to the silicone mat. The hot glue will keep the resin from leaking out from under the shaper. Hot glue will come off easily from the silicone when you’re finished with the coasters, so don’t worry about ruining your shaper or mat.

After you’ve gotten your shaper stuck down to the silicone mat, you’ll want to mix up your resin. You’re going to follow the directions, but basically you’ll measure out equal parts of the resin and hardener. The resin is in cup 1, hardener in cup 2. Take one of your popsicle sticks and stir cup 1 for two minutes. After two minutes, pour the contents of cup 1 into cup 2. You’ll stir cup 2 (which includes the measured hardener and the stirred up contents of cup 1) for 1 minute. After you’ve stirred the resin completely, pour it in your egg shaper. Spread the resin evenly around the shaper. This will be the bottom of your coaster.

Watch for little bubbles that will rise up in the resin. You can blow on them through a straw or use a lighter to pop them. Let the resin sit for around 24 hours. It will be mostly dry by this point.

After 24 hours, place your stained glass (or your specific items) on top of your resin. Be sure to place them exactly how you want them to be in your coaster.

Now that you’ve got them set, mix up another batch of the resin according to the directions above. You’ll pour this newly made resin on top of stained glass (or your coaster decoration). You’ll need to let the resin sit again for 24 hours.

After it’s hardened, you can pull the coaster off the mat and pop it out of the egg shaper. The resin should easily pop out of the mold because resin should not stick to silicone.

This DIY is a little more detailed, but the coasters are super cute and can be made for any occasion. I was also making Halloween coasters with candy corn at the time I was making stained glass coasters.

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