DIY Dry Erase Pumpkin

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall is starting to get in full swing around these parts. And when I say full swing I’m talking cool mornings and warm days, a brisk feeling to the air and a house full of decorations. My house pretty much transforms during Fall. I love seeing all the seasonal decorations around so I couldn't help but add one more DIY creation to the mix.

While I was pet sitting this past week, I tried to catch up on some of Casey Holmes’ YouTube videos. She had a video about DIY Fall decorations, so of course I had to watch it. She made a cute chalkboard pumpkin with black chalkboard spray paint. I loved the idea of a pumpkin you could write on, but I wasn't too fond of the black pumpkin. Of course you probably could paint the pumpkin with clear chalkboard paint like I used in my last DIY Christmas Chalkboard Reminder Board, but I thought that might take a while to paint. So I wanted to come up with another idea.

Of course, Michael’s has had the Fall craft pumpkins out for almost two months now, and most of them have sold. The medium and large sizes sold out very quickly! I guess people buy them to carve so they can save them for many years. All that was left were the baby pumpkins and they are on a pretty good sale this week. So since I wanted to do a DIY pumpkin, I swooped up one of them to make this cute DIY dry erase pumpkin.

For this DIY you’ll need a craft pumpkin (any size will do), clear dry erase spray paint and dry erase markers of course! The total price of this project is right around $15 if you don’t use a coupon for the dry erase spray paint.

Before you do anything, cut the tag off your pumpkin. You don’t want it to be a Mini Pearl! Okay, after that’s done, shake up your can of spray paint. You should shake it for a little bit to make sure it’s good and mixed. When you get ready to spray, hold it 10 to 12 inches away from your pumpkin. Give it a good even coat. Don’t spray too much on one spot or it can run and dry like that. (I know from experience!)

After you've got a coat on, let it sit for about an hour. After an hour, it will be okay to touch and move. I flipped my pumpkin upside down and sprayed the bottom first. While it was drying, I watched an episode of NCIS, then came back to do the top side of my pumpkin. I think it will work best with two coats of dry erase paint.

Even though your pumpkin will be dry within 3 to 4 hours, I would wait longer before using a dry erase marker on it. I personally waited a full 24 hours before writing on it.

To remove writing from the pumpkin, take a dry paper towel and wipe it away similar to a dry erase board. You may have to rub a little harder the longer the writing has been sitting.