Untold Stories of John and Ashley: The First Road Trip

Friday, October 10, 2014

As I was trying to think of unique ideas for my About Me page, I realized there are a lot of funny stories of John and I that never made it onto the blog. Thus Untold Stories was born. Once a month on Friday I’ll share fun stories of us.

Today I want to go back towards the beginning of our relationship. You can read more about the first few weeks of our relationship here. But today we are skipping ahead to about two months into dating. John wanted to take me home to meet his family.

John and I decided to go down to Alabama in June after I graduated college. But we had a little snafoo with actually leaving Charleston. I got there in the middle of the week and we were supposed to leave that Friday after John got out of work.

Unfortunately at that time John needed to take a test before he could go on his leave. But it couldn't just be as simple as taking the test. His supervisor had to set it up, and said supervisor seemed a little lazy in my opinion. It took a week and a half before the supervisor actually scheduled the test.

Of course even though I was upset about our plans not going quite how we expected, I loved getting to spend the extra time with John. We had special homemade dinners, went to visit the Angel Oak tree, tried out hand at ice skating and snuggled up in bed and watched all the movies we could handle.

Eventually we got the show on the road. I’m all about road trips. John and I both were in for a surprise. I had never been to Georgia or Alabama, so I made John stop at each states Welcome Center so I could get brochures and take pictures.

I was in a huge surprise because John isn't too much on long drives, so he didn't want to stop to get food. Enter the meal with way too many calories. The MRE. Yes, John made me eat an MRE instead making a quick pit stop at Mickey D’s.

But I think I got him back. I made him play Sweet Home Alabama about 3 times in a row when we finally made it to the Alabama state line! Yeah, it was a really fun first trip to Alabama.

Come back next month to learn more about my first trip to Alabama and my too close for comfort encounter with a cow!


  1. Bahaha that is awful! My husband was in for a rude awakening when we took our first roadtrip because ladies stop a whole lot more than men to visit the bathroom. But he just doesn't understand that! Haha.

  2. Haha! I can't believe he made you eat an MRE! I have been with Dan for nearly six years and have still managed to stay away from them somehow! He has several in a drawer, though - he usually takes them when we go camping "just in case" but we haven't had to use them!

  3. Oh man! I actually don't mind MRE's haha.