Everything Does Happen For a Reason

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Everything happens for a reason. I’ve always believed that, but sometimes you need reminders. Last night, I got those reminders that were very greatly needed.

As y’all know, Monday was my mom’s birthday. We didn’t get to go out to dinner because I had to be in bed early to go to work at midnight. The plan was to eat at Texas Roadhouse last night. Due to a sad and unfortunate event, we weren’t available to go to dinner until around 7:30 and by that time, it was a little late to try to get to the restaurant.

I’m a little ashamed of myself, but I was really mad about not going to Texas Roadhouse. We were going to get hibachi and the whole way to the hibachi restaurant I was in a very bad, pissed off mood. I didn’t want that kind of food. I had dressed up to go out for a birthday dinner at TRH. So I brooded, we ordered food and walked over to Kroger to pick up a few items we needed while waiting for our food to get ready.

I was still mad walking around Kroger. We got everything we needed, but my dad wanted to get a raincheck for a certain type of chips that are on sale this week. While my mom and I were waiting for Dad, we overhead this man walking around frantic talking on the phone. He was leaving a message for somebody about how he, his wife and 9 week old baby were on a road-trip across Virginia. They had gotten 2 hours away from their house and were approximately 2 hours from their destination when they stopped in my town to get food and gas. When they stopped, the man discovered he had left his debit/credit cards at his house, 2 hours away.  

My mom and I mentioned how sad their situation was. The whole walk back to the hibachi restaurant, we were talking about that poor family who had nearly run out of gas and had no money to get food or anything. After getting our food, we went back to Kroger and my dad went in to find the man. He gave him $50 for gas and $10 for food.

Running into that man and his family and seeing my dad be so generous to them makes me believe in being in the right place at the right time. It makes me believe that people are still good and that there is hope. But it makes me believe that everything happens for a reason and you do have Guardian Angels looking out for you. You never know when you might need one, or you could be somebody else’s little Angel.


  1. How wonderful of your Dad to do that, I am sure the man greatly appreciated it. :)

  2. It's great that your dad helped him out! :)

  3. That was a great thing your Dad did. I am a firm believe in everything happens for a reason.

  4. What an awesome thing for your dad to do. I bet it comes back around too. Life has a funny way of happening like that.