Random Wednesday

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yesterday was such a cold day. No snow, but still freezing cold. Um, hello Virginia... it's still Fall!

But really, yesterday was a somewhat lazy day. I worked at midnight and came home to sleep until 2 pm. Maybe that's slightly bum-ish, but I did work a full 8.5 hour shift.

So after my very bumish day, I lit my newly made candle and sat down to do a little internet browsing. It just felt very comforting, so I had to share it on Facebook.

Stay tuned for my candle making adventures with Suzzy Q! Now I'm off to get more candle making supplies and maybe some new scents.

P.S. That's a Bath and Body Works jar that I reused for my own Apple Harvest scent! It smells heavenly (in case you were wondering)!

Stay warm, y'all!

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