Tag Along Tuesday

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Have y'all ever wondered about the behind the scenes life of your favorite bloggers? Maybe I'm the only one. Blogging is a very selective view into a person's life (and that's understandable), but sometimes I wish I knew more about the day to day life of my bloggy friends.

So if y'all have ever wondered about my day to day life, this is your chance to follow me around for a day.

Just a picture of me to show off my dark lipstick, what do ya think?!
This material was actually from last Tuesday. But anyway let's get started. My day actually starts at midnight.

Because I work the truck on Tuesdays, I go to sleep at 7pm Monday night and get up at 11:30pm Monday to be at work at 12:30am Tuesday morning.

My day starts off with some hot chocolate and a deep breath. Then it gets busy. The truck process isn't for the faint of heart. I generally get about 7,000 steps within the first 2 hours I'm at work.

Last Tuesday my job was to take the full U- boats to their designated aisle and unload them. Then I bring back the empty U-boat. Repeat process many, many times.

After the truck has been unloaded, the stocking the shelves part comes. I have so much fun with all the Christmas stuff. It is all so cute.

Finally around 9am I will get off work. Sometimes it's earlier, sometimes later. Then sleep.

I usually get up around lunch time and eat. Lately I've been in a Chex cereal for lunch luck. It hits the spot after sleeping. This week I ate my cereal while watching Criminal Minds. It seems like there is always episodes of that playing. If not, I watch them on Netflix!

This Tuesday was slightly different than most. I went with my parents to take a conceal carry permit. So at 5:30 we went over to a local gun shop to take that class. I was so excited, but the class made me very cautious about wanting to carry my gun around.

After getting out of the class at 10pm, I went home and went to bed. Lucky I got to sleep until 6am on Wednesday!

For the most part that's a typical Tuesday for me.  It starts early and ends up being a very full day, but I usually feel pretty accomplished.


  1. I love the dark lipstick!!! Looks amazing.

  2. I love getting a look into blogger's everyday life! Occasionally I'm come across link-ups for "photo an hour" days. Lots of fun!