Thank You Veterans!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Around Veteran's Day, my dad always seems to tell stories about his times in Vietnam. This past week he told one I hadn't heard before. A song that was popular during the Vietnam conflict came on the radio when we were going out to dinner. He said that they had this awesome stereo system (not sold in the US) set up in the barracks and every time he walked past them this song was blasting from the barracks. I can't remember the song that came on, but I know that Creedence Clearwater Revival was popular during that time and he loves them. I think I like CCR so much too because they remind me of my dad.

Anyway, that story then prompted another story about Papasan, the man that cleaned the barracks. He could read and understand English very well, but couldn't speak it. I found it very interesting that his was called Papasan, like the chair. Anyway, my dad had a little argument with Papasan because he wasn't changing the sheets like he should. Let's just say, after that Papasan made sure to keep the barracks up to my dad's standards.

My real point is that I really appreciate all the fun stories and the time my dad served in the Air Force. Actually, I appreciate the time that all the veterans served. I'm so glad to see so many places offering free lunches and things for Veterans today. I wish more places would show their appreciation everyday.

Thanks to all the Veterans!