Untold Stories of John and Ashley: Being in Alabama

Friday, November 14, 2014

Last month I left y'all hanging after very fun MRE filled road trip. But don't worry, I'm back with another untold stories. If you missed the story about how I got to Alabama, please feel free to click that link above and learn all about my road trip, eating my first MRE and a few first Charleston adventures.

So, I had just gotten to Alabama. And then we drove some, and drove some more. John's family lives on the western side of Alabama, so it seemed like forever before we finally got near his house. When we exited the interstate, it hit me that I was actually going to meet his parents. WHAT! I started getting really nervous. I don't really know why it took so long to hit me.

When we got up to his house, his mom came out on the porch and greeted both him and I with a hug. I was relieved that she already liked me. His dad stood there with a solemn look but said hello. He was going to be a tough nut to figure out.

We stayed in Alabama for a week...in June. Let me tell you, it was hot. I enjoy the hot summertime in Virginia, but Alabama was really hot. Plus, the movie Sweet Home Alabama didn't lie when they said the state bird of Alabama was the mosquito. I swear I got 20 bites within the first 10 minutes of being outside.

Now, don't misunderstand my previous paragraph about the great state of Alabama. It is really nice, it was just a big adjustment for me. I made some great memories. I actually went fishing for the first time. This is a story for the books. Hang in there I'm getting to the good part!

John and his dad wanted to go fishing. I was a little apprehensive about John and his dad going fishing and leaving me behind. I mean I'd only known his family for about 2 days. But I stayed with his mom and helped her cook. Typical gender roles, right?! It worked out pretty well, I got to know his mom and really liked her.

John and his dad came back a few hours later without having much luck. John wanted to go back out but his dad has COPD and started having a hard time breathing. So naturally, I said I would love to go. I didn't know anything about fishing, but thought it would be fun.

So we start walking over to the neighbors yard. In Alabama, neighbors are friends and they share almost everything! So we walk out to the back yard and after a while, I start wondering where we are going. I don't see any body of water in sight. So after asking John, I was informed that the pond/lake was behind the trees that boarder the cow pasture. And we were going to take the shortcut through said cow pasture.

Now, I wish I had a picture of this. There was no gate anywhere near where we were at the fence line. So we had to hop the fence. And when I say hop the fence I mean I had to climb over it. John went over first and made it look so easy. Him and his long legs just took 2 steps and was on the other side. Me, not so much. The first pole of the fence was pretty high and I struggled just to step up. After getting that, I managed to swing my leg over to the pasture side of the fence and finally John helped me hop down safely. Like I said, I wish there was some documentation of this. I swear it took a good 5 minutes just to get me over the fence.

Anyway, we were both making our happy little way towards the pond/lake. I started hearing this cow making a really funny noise. I didn't think much of it, one of my cousins owns cows and they always make funny noises. All of a sudden, John is pushing me towards the fence again. In my head I'm thinking WHAT THE HECK! and he's telling me I need to get over the fence now. I plant my feet down and am like SERIOUSLY?! I just took 5 minutes to get on this side of the fence! --I actually said that part. He said yes and he turned me towards the fence and literally shoved me over. Like pushing my butt up, shoved me over.

When we were both on the non-cow side of the fence I asked him what in the heck that was all about. He then told me that funny noise was not a normally cow noise. That one cow was about to attack us for being in it's pasture. Oh, okay. Thanks for telling me that!

Anyway, the rest of our fishing trip went great! I wasn't too much for the little rocky john boat, but I learned how to cast my line. I caught 2 fish, and let 1 hook get away. Yes, the fish ate my hook. Oh, but I didn't actually touch the fish. John did all of that. Thanks honey!

Come back next month for my fun trip to Tuscaloosa, and photo shoot with Johns sister!


  1. I love fishing! I love that photo of you.

  2. Oh geez.. I'd be freaked out with the mad cow. My dad's side of the family has cows and there are tons of stories of my uncle getting chased up trees from his 4 wheeler when the cows get pissed off. Animals.. lol. Glad you enjoyed fishing though!

  3. OMG I would have freaked out about the cow!!!!! lol. Sidenote: I have never been fishing.