DIY Christmas Series: Etched Baking Dish

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Welcome back to the DIY Christmas Series here at American Honey. I decided that eating turkey and my new found love of dressing was more pressing than a Christmas DIY. We still have 3 weeks until Christmas. It's getting closer. But let's get started with another super awesome DIY gift that could be used as a Christmas gift or another occasion such as a house warming or wedding gift.

You'll need:
A baking dish ($7 to $12 depending on the size)
Etching creme ($13 from Michael's)
Sponge brush ($0.50 from Michael's)
Safety gear (rubber gloves, eye protection)

First you'll want to create your stencil and place it on the baking dish where you want to have it etched. I personally used my Silhouette to create my stencil. I didn't use the fancy stuff, just some regular scrap vinyl, Arial font and a little extra space in between my letters.

After getting your stencil on exactly how you want it, go ahead and get your protective gear on. Shake up your etching cream to make sure all the chemicals are fully mixed. Now you can paste on that etching cream! Make sure to only get it where you want your glass to be frosted. Put a nice and thick layer over the stencil.

Let your etching cream sit for a little bit. The directions said 1 minute, but with previous projects, that didn't work for me. I ended up letting mine sit for 3 minutes. At the end of those 3 minutes, wash off the etching cream and peal off the stencil.

Be sure to wash your dish before using! It is fun to share the personalized love and make one for yourself!

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  1. This sounds so much easier than I ever thought it was! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love the etching things!!! I did ornaments last year and had a blast.