Untold Stories of John and Ashley: Photo Shoot

Friday, December 12, 2014

We're back!!! This will be part three of my first trip to Alabama! {Insert shameless plug for previous Untold Stories of John and Ashley} You can read about the road-trip down and my first experience fishing in Alabama by clicking on the links!

John wanted to take me down to Tuscaloosa and I'll be honest, I was very excited. It was a blistering day in June and Alabama didn't disappoint. We were definitely in the South! Our first stop was to his old apartment. I got to hear all the interesting stories and see the rebuilt fence that may or may not have been demolished during this time there. Shh! Don't tell the landlords! 

After taking a drive through the middle of Alabama country, we ended up at a park on the lake. It was really pretty and I couldn't help but take some pictures.

When we got back to John's house, his sister offered to take pictures for us which actually turned into a whole photo shoot. So prepare yourself.

Come back next month to see our trip to the Coca Cola museum in Georgia!


  1. Love the pictures AND your pink shorts!

  2. I love the photos and you look great! :)

  3. Those pictures are awesome! Love that it was an impromptu photo shoot!