American Sniper + My Favorite Scenes

Monday, January 19, 2015

Over the weekend, a few friends and I went to see American Sniper. It is what I would consider one of the most patriotic movies I've ever seen.


This movie is based on the book American Sniper, which is an autobiography written by Chris Kyle himself.

I really wanted to read the book before I went to see the movie, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to see it with my friends.

As with most movies/books, I don't like to ruin all the surprises. So I read absolutely nothing about either of them before going to see the movie. I actually had heard nothing of Chris Kyle, which is amazing, yet somewhat disappointing after having watched the movie.

Kyle's story is an amazing one. He was an American that everybody should be proud of. He made many difficult sniper shots and had more than 150 confirmed kills.

There were quite a few scenes that stick out in my mind. I'll share those with you and hope that you will want to also watch the movie.

Most Astonishing Scene:

At the very beginning, Chris is watching for threats to Marines who are coming through a small town. After having watched a male make a whole call, possibly to alert others of the Marines presence, Chris sees a woman and son walk out of a building. The woman then hands the son a RPG of some sort. The son runs towards the oncoming Marines, but before he can throw the RPG, Chris shoots him. After the mother witnesses this, she runs towards her son grabbing up the RPG and begins to throw it at the still oncoming Marines. Chris shoots the woman mid-throw, but not before the RPG lands only yards in front of the Marines. Luckily, thanks to Chris' excellent shot, the Marines were saved.

Funny Scene:

In the background of Chris' life, you see that he has always been an excellent shot even from a young age. At sniper training, he continues to miss his target. The instructor tells him to narrow his scope, there was only one thing out there, the target. Chris corrects his instructor by saying there were other things out there. After receiving a doubtful look from the instructor, Chris shoots a snake slithering through the grass a few yards away from the target. After the shot, he tells the instructor he does much better with live targets.

Sit on the Edge of your Seat Scene:

After having made one of the best kills of his life, Chris and his team are being attacked by insurgents. While fighting off the insurgents and still waiting for quick response backup, a sandstorm makes its way towards their position. As the sandstorm looms closer, the insurgents get closer and closer. After having almost run of out ammunition, Chris and his team make an escape just as the sandstorm hits. Barely being able to see where the escape Humvee is, Chris' team makes it on board. As it drives off, Chris runs along behind trying to get on board. He finally makes it just as you think he might be left.


  1. I actually read American Sniper a few years ago and liked it but I loved the movie even more! They did a really great job of honoring Chris's memory and portraying him as a husband and a father as well as a Navy SEAL. I hope people will watch it and learn a little more about PTSD and how we can help the men and women who come back from combat.

  2. We watched it and the place was packed for the matinee! Amazing!!!

  3. I am hoping to see this when I get back home. I'm not sure if Kyle will see it though.