Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sometimes it's very easy to set yourself up for failure. I'm not talking major failures, just simple things. Like your New Years Resolutions or goals. I always try to make very realistic goals that I can definitely complete if I put my mind to it. But sometimes it's better to be prepared when trying to figure out what goals to set.

I ran across the #AuthenticateChallenge by Whitney English, the creator of Day Designer. It's a year-long challenge that will help you discover who you are. Each month, an e-mail is sent out for a certain part of the challenge. Finding out about yourself over the year seems like a great way to set yourself up for success with New Years Resolutions.

For the month of January, the challenge is finding your strengths. This has been a hot topic for me for about a week now. I've been asked about my strengths and weaknesses a few times over the past week. In the challenge, we were to take a test to tell us what our strengths were and then you could also figure out your weaknesses from that list.

Before I took the test I said my strengths were:

1. Being a hard worker/taking pride in my work
2. Organization

When I took the strengths test my results were:

1. Learning to do things/reduce the time it takes
2. Thinker, filtering information
3. Being able to relate with others and situations
4. Collecting/gathering information
5. Communicating my feelings/putting things into words

My weakness that I both thought I was bad at and the test told me I was bad at:

1. Making decisions and taking command of a situation

So from our lists of strengths, we should make goals of things to work on during the month. I realize the month is almost over, but I want to keep working on these few things over the whole year. I feel like it will help me be a better person. I am also hoping by sharing these strengths and goals, y'all will help keep me accountable.

1. Creativity - Do more DIY projects/really get my Etsy shop started and going
2. Organization - Make a photo index for all the crafts on my blog
3. Curious/Learning - Learn something new and share it on the blog
4. Friendly/Kind - Read and post genuine comments on new blogs
5. Listener/Sensitive - Really think about comments/replies to comments and be real!


  1. This sounds like a really cool test! I'm glad you were able to take it... and it sounds like your goals go right along with it. :)

  2. That sounds like a cool test! And a really cool challenge! :) Cant wait to follow it this year!

    Love Always,