Fit, Fierce and Fab!

Monday, January 12, 2015

I am out of shape. It's a plain and simple fact. I'm nowhere near my heaviest weight, but I am not at my healthiest either. And I know in order to successfully jog this entire 10k, I need to start getting myself in shape.

Earlier in the week, my friend Lisa, who will also be running the 10k with me asked which gym I was a member of.... {crickets}... I don't belong to one. I drive to a neighborhood about a mile away and run through the peaceful flat streets. As a side note, Lisa, much like me, is in need of getting back in shape for the 10k.

She decided to join Planet Fitness, where you can go to any of their gyms and also bring a friend free of charge. Thanks to her wonderful choice of gyms, I can go with her and we can motivate each other to get in shape. Thanks to this... Operation Fit, Fierce and Fab was born.

Day 1 of Operation Fit Fierce and Fab
What is Operation Fit Fierce and Fab you might ask?

Well it is actually a hashtag I created (#OperationFitFierceFab or #OFFF for short) to document my progress towards being healthy in 2015.

What do you define as being healthy?

I have specific measurable goals attached to my definition of healthy. I want to achieve a BMI of 24, jog the whole 10k in March and comfortably fit into all of my old jeans.

How long will #OperationFitFierceFab last?

I want to continue on this journey for at least the duration of 2015, but I would rather it become more of a lifestyle than just a goal that I accomplish and quit after I've deemed it completed.

I'm super excited to get #OFFF underway and can't wait to share my progress with y'all.

Do you have any health resolutions for 2015?


  1. Best of luck on your fitness goals. My goal for 2015 is to run at least 40 miles/month. I don't really enjoy running but I like the way it makes my butt looks. Haha. :)


  2. Good luck! I think that's an awesome way to track everything. :)

  3. Good luck I know you are going to do awesome!

  4. Good luck! I am in the process of *trying* to get fit and healthy this year and its sooo hard because I HATE gyms! I like working out alone, not with a million other people around!

  5. Good luck! I need to join a new gym pronto as well. Maybe I'll check out Planet Fitness!