Friday Night Mexican!

Friday, January 23, 2015

It has recently come to my attention that I love Mexican food. Okay, so maybe I already knew that, but still. I really love Mexican food.

Usually every Friday night we go to my favorite Mexican restaurant I'll call Don P. We love the people there. They are so friendly! When we walk through the door, they greet us with a hug and ask how our week has been! Plus most of the waiters can bring us our order without even having to ask.

I took some of my friends with us to dinner and they were in complete shock at how we were greeted upon walking into the restaurant. But my Mexican love doesn't stop with Don P.

After having visited another Mexican restaurant a few times with another friend, I've become well antiquated with the owner of El P. This is also a truly great restaurant. They kept me going while I was in college! I mean, they were the best Mexican in my small farm town!

Most times when we visit El P, the owner will come over and talk with us for a few minutes and I usually end up with a margarita or sangria on the house. I absolutely love the owner. He has such a big heart and is a genuinely wonderful person.

I'm pretty excited because tonight my friends and I have plans to go to El P. We will have call ahead reservations which will be great because they are packed on Friday nights. Now if only they have parking reservations as well!

I can almost taste the guava margarita and white sauce now!

What is your favorite meal?
Do you have a favorite Mexican restaurant? 


  1. Love that small town feel of knowing people in a restaurant! I've got a favorite Mexican place back in Kansas. We ate it 3 times while we were back for a week over Christmas.

  2. Oh man. Mexican is my absolute favorite too. I LOVE chile rellenos (the ones WITHOUT eggs, though) and cheese and onion enchiladas. And tacos... and the beans and rice. Oh my gosh. Now I NEED some Mexican food in my life. We haven't found any great places here in Ohio yet, unfortunately. My hometown is FULL of great ones, so I'm a little spoiled. Ugh. Now I feel like I need to talk Dan into trying a new Mexican place tonight for dinner! :)

  3. That is so fun! I love being a regular at a restaurant. My family frequents an Asian restaurant nearby and we always get the best treatment!

  4. Oh how I love Mexican food, we have a really good place close to our house that we eat at at least once a week haha.

  5. Our Mexican restaurant also knows my order by heart and I am so glad I am not the only one! I love it so much! I always get a taco and beans with cheese dip. So basic but its my favorite! Hope your dinner was all you hoped it would be!

    Love Always,