I Almost Didn't Make it to 2015!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Last Tuesday, like the last Tuesday in December, I was having a fairly good day. The rain/snow mixture had stopped and I was out taking my dogs for a walk. Everything was great.

All of a sudden, this little Toyota truck comes barreling down the road running an excess of 45 miles per hour! As he rounds the curve I'm walking around, he passes me with 2 feet to spare. That's 24 inches. Had he been a few more feet over, I would have been gone. I wouldn't have made it to 2015.

I'm not saying I've never broken the speed limit. Sure I sometimes drive a few miles per hour over on the highway. Or I get a little lost in the song on the radio and couldn't tell you the last thing I actually remember seeing. But I have never put my life or somebody else's in danger. Danger to the point where they could have died from my mistake.

That was quite an experience. This little Toyota truck has been a problem for a while. Every time it drives down our quiet little 25 MPH neighborhood street, you can hear it coming. The loud tires and often the loud music give it away. Even after being spoken to, the speed has not reduced down.

Neighbors have complained about the noise and the speed, but the police have never come to the road to check it out. What will it take for the driver of the little Toyota to learn that our little dead end road is not the Talladega Speedway!

Thank goodness I made it to 2015 alive! Have you had problem neighbors like my little Toyota truck owner?


  1. Oh, wow! I hate close calls like that. So glad you are okay!! :)

  2. Wow I am so glad you are okay!

  3. Scary! So glad you are okay! I'd be so mad!

  4. That is so scary! I am so glad you were okay! I dont know what I would do if something had happened to you!

    Love Always,