Make Me Wanna Roll My Windows Down and CRUZE!

Monday, January 5, 2015

I have been wanting a new car for about 7 months now. Now, let me confess. I do have use of a car that runs. But it doesn't warm up until I've already arrived at work, and it likes to stall out at stoplights (PS, it's a automatic car), oh and there's the fact that it could just not turn on at any given time because the computer is going bad. So, I really want a new car.

My dad has said that he would pay for half of the car and I would have to pay for the other half. I've been saving every penny (I just don't count Christmas). With my dad's help, I've got enough for a down payment. It will make my monthly payments low enough that I can afford the car payment as well as insurance.

The only problem is finding my dream car. I've got my heart set on a Chevy Cruze, that really pretty blue color. The one that nobody seems to be selling. Though I really like the smoke grey color as well, and apparently so does everybody else.

I'm just going to hold out for the perfect car to come along and keep saving my money so that way when I do find it, I'll be able to pay most of it wish cash! Ah, how awesome would that be to pay a $14,000 car with cash?! I never dreamed of the day.

What kind of car do you have?
Have you heard any reviews on the Chevy Cruze?

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  1. That's awesome - and I think it's smart to wait until you find the perfect car for you. I have a Ford Escape, and I LOVE it... but I'm not a fan of smaller cars! :)

  2. I have an Altima and love it. Bought it new in 2007 and have had no major problems with it all! Good luck with the car search... it's so hard looking for the perfect one!

  3. I have a toyota corolla and kyle has a honda element. We love our cars (Mostly because they are both paid off haha)

  4. I feel you on the wanting a reliable car. That's why I went with my toyota. I love it and it made my life so much better when I could just get in the car and go.

  5. I have a VW Jetta and I adore it! It's in nice gray color and it's so comfortable!