Northern Lights Book Review

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Book Review of Northern Lights by Nora Roberts
The Story...

Nate Burke is a cop with a haunted past. To escape all the darkness of Baltimore, he takes a job as the chief of police in Lunacy, Alaska. He must get used to the snow and change of pace police work that Alaska calls for.

Meg Galloway was born and raised in Lunacy. She is an independent, strong woman used to being alone. After the disappearance of her father, she grew up without much help of her mother. As she got older, she learned to fly, becoming a bush pilot, and moved to the outskirts of town.

All was normal in Lunacy until Nate arrives. Things heat up between Meg and Nate as the snow starts to fall and the Northern Lights shine. There is a magical kiss and a murderer walking through the town's streets. It's up to Nate to solve a murder from years ago, find the killer and put the town at ease.

What I loved...

Nate is a character you can't help but love. He is somewhat broken and so real. You want him to succeed as Chief. You really can't help but cheer for him when the town has all but turned against him in his quest to find the truth about the long ago murder.

Meg was a little rebellious for my taste, but she seemed to be a true Lunatic native. Not afraid of a bear in the woods and being able to survive on her own is just part of the gig. At first she comes across as very dark and mysterious, but I warmed up to Meg once she and Nate start seeing each other.

The scenery described in this novel was beautiful. Nora Roberts is an amazing scene setter. You can just imagine standing in the middle of a snow covered road with nothing but darkness around you looking up at the northern lights. She really hits the nail on the head with the beauty of Alaska.

I love a good mystery, and boy what a mystery this was. But I'm very glad that there was some romance thrown into the mix as well. It would have been a little dry without it.

Basically if you love a murder mysteries or romance novels, this book is for you. Heck if you just want to get an idea of the beauty of Alaska, pick this thing up. Find a cozy spot by the fire and you'll fall in love within a few pages.

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