Ask Me Anything!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Have you ever wondered something about me, but never felt like it was right to ask?! Well, now is your chance. I've seen a few bloggers doing Q&As and I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon! Now is as good a time as any.

I can never think of fun fact to tell about myself, so just ask your most fun or interesting questions. Things about John, my job, school, DIY, books, long distance relationship, whatever you want.... I'm an open book.

I'm taking a page from Chelsea's book and will most likely answer my questions as a vlog. (I'm really getting into the vlog stuff!) I will answer your questions on February 20th! That's 2 weeks from now! So get to thinking and ask away.

Leave your questions in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Email!


  1. Yay! So glad you will be answering them in a vlog! That will be so fun to watch :) Okay, questions...

    When do you and John want to get married?
    What's your all time favorite baby name?
    If you could be stationed anywhere in the US, where would you choose?

  2. Thank you for your questions Chelsea! I'm really looking forward to answering them!

  3. I've also been thinking about doing one of these... haha, our minds must be on the same track this week! I won't do a vlog, though... I HATE my voice, lol.

    1) What is your favorite food of all time?
    2) How often do you get to see John?

  4. Thanks for your questions Janelle! I hate hearing my voice in the answering machine but when it's with video I think I sound better. Haha I'm weird!

  5. This looks fun!

    What is your favorite book?
    What is your favorite thing about where you live currently?

  6. Ooh fun!

    What do you and John do when you're together?
    What advice would you give about being in a long distance relationship?

  7. I hope it will be fun to answer all the questions! Thanks Jen.