DIY Valentine's Day Flowers

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

After creating great DIY Christmas gifts, I couldn't give up doing DIY until next Christmas. It's honestly addictive. So thanks to my addiction, y'all get great ideas for cute holiday crafts.

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Valentine's Day is coming up soon. Like 10 days away soon! So now is the time to decorate your table with some cute flowers that can last until Spring!

You'll need:

3 Mason Jars ($6)
3 Summer Floral Bundles ($30)
Pink Spray Paint ($7)
Gold Spray Paint ($7)

*Prices based on Michael's prices
**Price can be reduced by only using one mason jar, set of floral bundles and spray paint
***Check Goodwill, thrift stores or yard sales for items listed above

1. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area with protection such as newspaper and cardboard. Place mason jars on paper. I went outside in the grass and used the paper that my mason jars was wrapped in.

2. Shake spray paint for a few minutes. Once spray paint is ready, spray mason jars at recommended distance. I held mine around 10 to 12 inches away. Try to spray an even layer around all sides of jar. I waited a few hours and then added a second coat to make sure the jars were fully covered.

3. Wait suggested time on spray paint can before touching or handling the jars. I left my mason jars outside for this time. I didn't want to leave finger prints on my jars.

4. Once you have your jars painted and dried, bring them inside to assemble your decorations. Place flowers in the jars and find the perfect place for them.

5. You can optionally add twine or ribbon around the mason jars. I couldn't find a ribbon that I loved, so mine lacks a cute accent.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day flowers and come back next month for a St. Patrick's Day DIY!


  1. I love flowers in mason jars. These are super cute! :)

  2. Thanks Janelle! I thought this was super cute. When I saw these flowers I knew I had to do something with them!

  3. Thanks Jen! I'm not much of a live flower girl, so these fake ones look nice and will last through Valentine's day until I can get some spring flowers!