Organized Ashley

Friday, February 13, 2015

I am kind of cheap. Okay, that makes me sound bad. Let me explain.... I will splurge on things if I really want it. For example, when I was at the beach over the weekend I bought a pair of Michael Kors jeans and a Michael Kors clutch/purse. In total I spent wayyy more than I had budgeted for this paycheck, but that's okay. What I am cheap about is when I know something is pricey and I can make it or find it somewhere else for a better price.

I have been wanting a nice planner for myself. I browsed around online and saw them for $30 or more. My jaw almost hit the ground. I couldn't believe the price of planners. I even went to my local Staples and ran into the same prices. I made my mind up then... I was going to be cheap and just make my own. And so I did. While I was at Staples, I bought a ream of heavy weight paper ($13) and priced getting a spiral binding with vinyl covers ($5). I think I can handle less than $20 in materials.

I just got my planner printed out last night and I'm loving it so far. I still have to take it to Staples for them to bind it, but I'm really loving how it turned out. I've already got my week planned out for the most part.

One of the things that I love about a planner is that I don't have to try to keep track of things in my head. Did I already schedule my social media posts? When was I going to write this post? Do I have time to brainstorm for next month's post or am I just flying by the seat of my pants? Well, no more unorganized Ashley.

And seriously y'all I'm hoping this helps. I am a little embarrassed to say that I often forget even the most simple tasks... shaving my legs for instance. John always complains that my legs are like a porky pine but I haven't seen him recently so I honestly have forgotten to shave my legs. But no more prickly legged Ashley y'all. I've even make notes about shaving my legs!

So basically I'm so thrilled to have this planner physically in my hands! And since I've already created it all, I figured I would share the fun and post a copy of the monthly calendar if y'all would like download it and use it (so you don't forget to shave your legs either!).

How do you stay organized?
Do you make things when you don't want to pay to buy them?


  1. That's awesome! I love that you made it... super fun! I always look really hard for a good planner before I buy one, and I'm with you - I will not pay $30 for blank pages. No way. I actually found an amazing one for this year at Barnes & Noble for $8, so I snagged it as soon as I saw it... so glad I bought that one! I'm also picky, so it's a miracle it fit what I was looking for!! :)

  2. Um, I basically did the same thing! I found a blog planner online and just brought it to my local print/copy spot and had them print it out and bind it-it cost me 7 bucks! I couldn't have been happier and it is keeping me on track!

  3. I thought about making a planner, but I was feeling too impatient with it. I just wanted the one I wanted! haha That's cool though. I use my planner about like that too. I plan out everything.

  4. I understand completely about being picky about your planner. I don't know how I did it in college, but somehow I found one that suited me each year! So far I'm loving this one and I'll be super happy when I can get it bound.

  5. Yes! That is so easy! I love that you can DIY your planner and save lots of money and still be happy with it!

  6. Yes, you were kind of my inspiration, especially with planning out the blogging stuff. I've figured out that I'm horrible with scheduling hourly stuff, but if I use it more as a checklist I do much better!

  7. I think making a planner is a cool idea!

  8. I loved doing it. I have so much fun playing around in Photoshop and creating it exactly how I wanted it/thought it would best work for me!