What's Up Wednesday 2.11.14

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Welcome to another week of What's Up Wednesday! I want to thank y'all so much for participating in the link up last week. Katie, Shannon and I were very happy to have so many of y'all come to participate. We are still trying to work out a few things with the link up and so we have made a few changes, including that we ask you follow the prompts as closely as you can! Please read over our new guidelines and have fun meeting some new friends and catching up!

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I have honestly been so excited to do the link up again this week. The only way to explain how excited I was is to show you the video I created... So please enjoy and I'll get into more detail after the video!

What I loved about this past week[end]// 

I got a long weekend from work and so my mom and I took off for the beach. We honestly didn't do much... well we did a lot of shopping, but other than that, we didn't do much.

What have you been up to this week? We want to know in the What's Up Wednesday link up!

We got a later start than we had wanted, so we stopped for dinner on the road, which was great because I finally got Zaxby's! I had been craving it since Shannon mentioned it last week in her What's Up Wednesday! Thanks Shannon! I finally got my Zaxby's.

Mom and I were on the hunt for cute (and bright colored) running shoes all weekend. That's why we went shopping so much. We couldn't find anything we liked. On our first day of shopping, I figured out that the new shopping center that opened up has a Which Wich in it. OMG!! I had to get lunch there and introduce Mom to it's glory. I love how they have gluten free options which was great for her.

We stayed out almost until the malls closed, but the one thing I love about South Carolina malls is they are outdoors. Well that is good and bad, but good because I caught this beautiful sky at sunset!

Saturday was also filled with shopping... Here's mom and my selfie before going out shopping and the wind messing up our hair completely...

Saturday night we went to eat at this really cool hamburger cafe called River City Cafe. It is an awesome rustic type of restaurant where you are encouraged to throw your peanut shells on the floor (and write on the walls). There is literally graffiti everywhere in the restaurant. It's pretty cool to see. When mom and I got seated, I happened to be looking around at all of the old license plates hanging on the wall and what did I see but two initials... I promise I didn't write them, but it just so happens that A&J also fits Ashley and John... 

Before we left to come back home, I had to go out on the beach one time. I walked around a bit but I didn't dare to stick my feet in the water. Just the sand was cold enough!

I don't have any big plans for this weekend. No Valentine's Day plans (see long distance relationship), but I am looking forward to chowing down on the Valentine's cookies I made last night!!!

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  1. I love trips where not much is planned, it's always nice to just relax.

  2. That Vlog was so cute! Loved it! I wish the beach was closer to me...I love the beach and I haven't been there in years. And those cookies look delicious. :)

  3. Spending time with your Mom, the beach, yummy food and cookies? Nice. :-) Sounds amazing! I miss the beach!

  4. Thanks Janelle! I broke down and had one last night. It was just what I needed!

  5. That is so true. I didn't want to go back to work on Monday!

  6. Thanks Katie! How far is the beach from you? I love getting to go to the beach so much!

  7. Your cookies look DIVINE! Also, I wish I could spend time with my mum at the beach! It sounds like you had a great week!

  8. I love that you made a video! It's my favorite thing to see videos of my blogger friends so I can see more of what they are like! Also, jealous you got to go to the beach! What one did you go to? I used to live in South Carolina so I have been to a bunch of the beaches there! They are gorgeous!

  9. Thanks Chelsie! The cookies were really tasty! I'm actually about to bake another batch for work tomorrow!

  10. We have a condo in Myrtle Beach. It's right on the beach so I absolutely love going there and just relaxing! I've also been to a few other beaches further south... Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, it was nice down there but being in the low-country means so many mosquitoes...they love me, but I don't love them!