Book Review: Paper Towns

Friday, March 20, 2015

Quentin Jacobsen is the kid who plays it safe. He hangs out in the band room before school, has perfect attendance and has plans for college in the fall. That all changes when Margo Roth Spiegelman climbs through his window. Margo has been Qs neighbor since childhood, and ever since childhood, Q has admired Margo from afar.

Margo takes Q on a night-long revenge adventure all across central Florida. Wondering why Margo had chosen him, Q can't wait to see what changes the next morning at school. Except everything changes because Margo has disappeared. Soon he finds out that she has left him clues to find her, clues that will show him he knows nothing about Margo Roth Spiegelman and clues that will take him on the adventure of a lifetime.

Paper Towns is one of those books that really makes you think. There is a scene when Margo and Q are on their revenge adventure and as they are standing on a top floor of the Sun Trust building, Margo talks about how fake the town is. That all the places and people are just paper places and paper people.

The idea of being a "paper person" just stuck with me. How many of us have acted in a way that we normally wouldn't just to fit in or be cool. I know I have and I'm betting that pretty much everybody has at one point or another. Sometimes we can loose ourselves in that fake identity we have created and then who really knows who we are?

Q brings up another good point that really made me think as well. Actually I suppose if you want to get technical, it was his parents who bring it up, but Q often refers back to it. Anyway, the point in question is that people can either be mirrors or windows. Again, this really spoke to me. How many times have I run into people who are mirrors and only let me see what I want to see. Or how many times have I misjudged a mirror person and seen what I wanted to see in them. Those that are windows are true to themselves and you can see them for who they really are. Honestly that's what I strive for.

All in all, I really liked the book. It kept my interest and I finished it in 4 days. I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about the ending which is why it received 4 stars instead of 5, but the majority of the book was great.

I think this book is great at any age because it has so much depth to it. You can read into it as little or as much as you want to.

But really, just read it!

Also, I do believe that Chelsie from Life with Rosie and I will soon be starting up a book club! Let me know if you would be interested in joining us!


  1. I would love to do a book club! I'm really big on audible and would only be able to do books from there, but I think it's be so much fun!

  2. Woohoo! I'm excited to do our book club together! Also, I really liked Paper Towns, too! The trailer just came out for the movie and I think it looks like it is going to stick to the book really well!

  3. Oh awesome! I'll remember to give you details when @Chelsie Carr and I come up with something!

  4. OMG!!! I didn't realize they were making this into a movie! I want to go see it. I'm glad I got to read the book before it became a movie.