Orijen Dog Treats

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I have two of the most adorable dogs! And although they are adorable, they can be real stinkers! It's funny how every dog has their own quirks. Mine certainly do. They might be completely different from each other, but they absolutely love their food/treats!

Bo loves his food. He will eat anything you put in front of him... with the exception of uncooked pepperoni. But anything else he will eat up in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, he needs to loose some weight, so I try not to feed him unhealthy food.

Christy, on the other hand, will turn her nose up to things she doesn't want to eat. Sometimes she goes without dinner solely because she just doesn't want to eat it. But if you put a treat in front of her, you best believe she is going to gobble that up!

One of the things I worry about with my dogs, seeing as they are on opposite ends of the eating spectrum, is what I feed them. I want to give them healthy food that will still be lip licking. We are still working on a lip licking food with Christy, but I believe we've found the perfect treat for both of them!


Orijen treats are super healthy. They try to mirror what dogs would eat in the wild. The treats are high in meat content with a low glycemic load. So I don't worry about feeding them to my boy who will eat everything or my little girl who will hardly eat anything!

These treats are perfect for a picky dog! I shared some treats with Suzanne's dog Tank. He has a very sensitive stomach and he is able to eat them as well. Basically these treats are awesome because they are healthy for your dog and your dogs will love you because you fed them Orijen treats!

You can check out Orijen and order the treats at Chewy.com!

Treats were provided to my dogs for free from Chewy.com in trade for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.


  1. Emma is super picky when it comes to treats, I may have to check these out for her. :)

  2. I love treats that try to give real ingredients to pups! I'll have to try these with Rosie!

  3. Christy and Bo love them, so I hope Rosie will like them as well. I saw she can be very peculiar with her treats!

  4. I hope she likes them if you get them for her! My dogs just love them.