What's Up Wednesday: Week 5

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I honestly can't believe it's Wednesday again! Wednesday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week (after the weekend and Friday of course because I get Mexican food on Fridays).

This week I am so excited to have another lovely co-host joining Katie, Shannon and I. She has been a blogging friend for a while. She and I have quite a lot in common seeing as she is an Air Force wife and currently braving Alaska! I love reading about her adventures, DIY stuff and listening to her cute Oklahoma accent! I'm sure y'all will fall in love with her too! So without further ado, I present Elizabeth from The Blooming Air Force Bride as our guest co-host for the week!

If you are new to the What's Up Wednesday linkup, you can check out what it's all about here! Please check out Elizabeth on her blog and social media! I promise you'll be dying to follow her!

What I loved about this past week// 

As much as I don't want to say the 7 inches of snow we got on Thursday, I did try to embrace the winter weather. I stayed cuddled up inside with my book most of the day but I did venture outside to make a snowman that evening!

Sorry about the quality of the snow pictures, my phone didn't like all the white!

My mom and I made a snowman and a snow dog. Let me tell you, I made the middle part of his body a little too big! Mom and I had to heave it up there and that was after chopping off some of the snow! I am a little rusty on my snow man making skills.

Christy and Bo loved the snow! They enjoy all the white stuff. It's like a treat for Christy. She will go outside and eat the snow until the cows come home! It irritates the crap out of the family because then we have to dry her off when she's ready to come back in.

Anyway, I did have a little fun with the fur thangs in the snow. We chased each other around and ran and jumped in the snow. They got very concerned when I fell into the snow and started flailing around (aka making a snow angel). They both came running, got in my face and stared at me as if asking if I was alright.

What I'm looking forward to//

Starting my job!!!! My official start date is tomorrow! I'm super excited. Although I'm guessing it will be at least a week before I see lab time, I'm still excited to start my big girl job (and get the big girl paycheck).

I'm also looking forward to running my 5k this weekend. I went for a run on Monday and totally crushed it (well for not having run over 6 minutes, I think I crushed it). Kilometer 4 and 5 were a little tough, but after having run for 20 minutes when I'm used to a few breaks to walk, I think I did an excellent job. I don't think my pace ever got below 11 minute mile.

What I'm daydreaming about//

Buying a house. I know I have a ways to go before I can afford getting a house of my own, but I feel like it could be soon with this new job. I looked at a few houses online and some of them are so cute! Of course this is a huge daydream because I want to get a new car first!

What I'm craving//

Homemade Japanese food! John's grandmother is from Okinawa and makes the best Japanese food. She grows all of her vegetables in her garden, she won't buy any produce from the grocery store. I absolutely love her miso soup, fried noodles and open face sushi.

What's Up//

I've been missing all my family down in Alabama! John's nephews are growing so much! I can't believe how big they are getting and I'm missing it! Here are the younger two, I'm not sure where there older brother is.

Alabama got nearly 13 inches of snow and John's mom didn't have anybody to go out and make a snowman with! It's really hard to believe Alabama getting snow!!! So that's about it for what's up.

Next week we will be featuring a few new questions so don't hesitate to join in!

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  1. Good luck with your first day and your 5K this weekend!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! You guys are so ahead of me time-wise! I'm up, I'm here! LOL, Alaska is always behind in everything! But, I'm so glad to see you already enjoying that snow! Because girl, you'd better get used to it!!! And good luck with your job!

  3. Aw, I'm proud of you for embracing the snow, even thought it was terrible! Also, GOOD LUCK ON YOUR NEW JOB! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

  4. Good luck with the job and the snow looks like so much fun!

  5. You have so much fun stuff going on! You're going to kill your 5K and your new job. We got some snow here too and it was my puppy's first time seeing it... she was very confused until she realized how fun it was!

  6. Thanks Jen! Did you get much snow today? We got some ice plus an inch or so of snow! eek! NO MORE VA!

  7. Thank you Janelle! I'm really excited about both of them!

  8. It was wonderful! I made 2 friends today! I feel like it was the first day of kindergarten and I'm so excited to have made friends!

  9. Thanks Elizabeth! I'm trying to get used the idea of Alaska and a crap ton of snow. I really don't like that idea. I really hate cold weather.

  10. Thanks Chelsie! I can't wait to tell everybody about the job! Well, I'll probably tell you more before I post it anyway!

  11. Thanks Amanda! I did have a good time in it once I got out there.

  12. Thanks Shannon! Puppies are so cute when they first encounter snow! I bet yours was adorable!

  13. Good luck on the new job! (I know I'm probably a bit late on that!) I'd love to run a 5k -- how did you start training for that?


  14. I actually started training for a 10k that I will be running later in March. I downloaded this podcast called Freeway to 10k, but they also have a 5k one called First Day to 5K. You can check it out here: http://www.djsteveboy.com/intervals.html But honestly I just figured out my weekly times and got an interval app on my iPod and ran to my own music. It has been an awesome way to get out and start running.