What's Up Wednesday Week 11

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hold on a sec. It's seriously Wednesday again. I can't believe it. I feel like I was celebrating Friday. Oh yes, this past week has been a celebrate Friday type of week. At least we're already half way through the current week!

Unfortunately Katie is going through a second case of the Mondays! She is having a little bit of technical difficulties but should be back up and running later on in the day! Don't forget to drop back by and check her out!

This week we are having the lovely Marissa from The McAdam's Adventures join us as a guest host. I'm so thankful that she has been joining us in What's Up Wednesday and can't wait to follow her in more adventures. I hope y'all will follow along as well.

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What I loved about this past week//

I got to visit with a college friend. I literally haven't seen her in 3 years! How crazy is that. We have kept our friendship alive through writing letters. Yep, paper, pens and stamps. It's honestly worked so well for us. Anyway this weekend we went to the Cheesecake Factory and shopping a bit up in Richmond. I loved the Cheesecake factory. So good. 

She made fun of me for wanting to get a picture with the building in the background. I told her we had to document my first trip! But we did get a better picture where the sun wasn't in our face so much...

Much better right?! It was a lot of fun. We went to Sephora and Victoria Secret for a little shopping. Ah. So nice.

I also went out shooting this weekend. I decided on the handgun that I want, so who knows when I'll actually go purchase it. I think I got some sun too while I was sitting out there shooting. A win, win if you ask me!

What I'm looking forward to//

Game night! Suzanne and I are making a Chinese meal for game night. I'm super excited. I'm in charge of the chow mein. So I hope it turns out well!

What I've been daydreaming about//

Having more time. I feel like I just don't have enough time in the day to do things. I recently got moved to second shift which is 2:30 to 11pm. It's nice because I can do things in the morning, but still, I miss hanging out with my friends. And I did go for a 3 mile run yesterday morning. But I just don't know where all my times goes. 

What I'm listening to//

I may or may not have listened to From This Valley by The Civil Wars on repeat because I saw Katie was listening to them on Spotify. So basically I had that song stuck in my head for over 9 hours yesterday!

What I'm doing this weekend//

WORK! Yay for overtime! I am getting my new phone soon so that money will come in handy. Also game night. See What I'm looking forward to. I'm just super excited. 

What else is new//

My mom and I are going to try to make our dogs some treats. We are trying to get Christy and Bo away from the processed dog treats and go with natural or homemade. I'll have to let y'all know how that goes.

So what have y'all been up to?

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What's Up Wednesday


  1. Oooh, Chinese food game night sounds like a blast! Have fun! :)

  2. It's always nice to spend time with friends! :)

  3. I was supposed to get Chinese today with my pal, but I've come down sick... again! I'm glad you got to see your friend! It sounds like you had a blast!

  4. Thanks for letting me co-host with you guys :) Good luck with your game night and the chow mein!

  5. I feel you on the not having enough time in the day! Where does it all go?! Also I'm excited to see how your homemade dog treats turn out!

  6. I love that you keep in touch with pen & paper and "old fashion" mail! I love game nights, such a great way to spend time with friends!

  7. We need to talk to someone about putting more hours in the day. For reals deals. hahaha I love that you were listen to the civil wars because I inspired you to. I miss having spotify premium...I might cheat on my financial goals and get it again...It's seriously the best thing ever. Also...Game night sounds so fun. My family loves game night. We do it every chance we get.

  8. You should post your recipe for your puppy treats! I'm always looking for new treat recipes for my Rosie girl!

  9. Thanks! I'll plan to do that next week. A blog post idea! Yay! I've been in such a rut recently!

  10. I have never gotten Spotify premium, but the benefits do sound pretty nice.

  11. I absolutely love writing letters and honestly, we've kept up that way much more than my other college friends that live 30 minutes away.

  12. Seriously?! I must be loosing my multitasking skills or something. I'm not sure!

  13. So glad you joined us Marissa!

  14. I'm really late in responding so I hope you've gotten better now! Being sick is really no fun!

  15. Yes it is. It seems to help me relax and unwind.

  16. It was a lot of fun this weekend even though we didn't do Chinese food. haha