Goals and Help Needed!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Last month my resolution or goal was to create a new 101 in 1001. Well I've been working on it, but honestly it's hard for me to come up with 101 things I want to do in the next 1001 days! So I'm turning to y'all!

Here is what I've come up with so far. I break them down into categories to make it easier. So now it's time for y'all to give me some ideas! What would y'all want to do? What else should I put on my list?

Better Me

1. Find out my blood type
2. Better my handwriting
3. Get a massage


4. Visit New Orleans
5. Visit a new state
6. Visit a zoo
7. Make a list of 50 places I'd like to visit
8. Make a where I've been map


9. Save for household stuff
10. Buy living room furniture
11. Try 15 new recipes
12. Finish my quilt
13. Can fruits/vegetables
14. Make my own door wreath for every season


15. Take grad school classes
16. Study French
17. Read 75 books
18. Learn calming techniques
19. Learn Morris Code
20. Better my photography
21. Learn to Two-Step


22. Find 200 geocaches
23. Go on a cruise
24. Play putt-putt
25. Buy a lottery ticket

Good Will

26. Participate in a charity event
27. Donate blood to the Red Cross


28. Go to a country music concert
29. Go to a football game
30. Go apple picking
31. Spend a whole afternoon relaxing in a hammock
32. Play tennis
33. Go to a baseball game
34. Go wine tasting


35. Write Handwritten notes to family/friends
36. Bake someone a birthday cake


37. Run (2) 10k
38. Run a half marathon
39. Do yoga everyday for a month
40. Get a healthy BMI
41. Drink 75 ounces of water everyday for a month
42. Do a yoga handstand pose
43. Don't drink soda for a month


44. Do an adult Easter egg hunt
45. Go to the fair
46. Ride a roller coaster
47. Collect seashells to turn into a wind chime
48. Take a walking tour of the city
49. Make a baggo game
50. Go to a drive in movie
51. Ride a ferris wheel
52. Visit a lighthouse
53. Hug a random person
54. Go bar hopping
55. Meet a cowboy
56. Carve a pumpkin
57. Make a new Thanksgiving recipe
58. Do a corn maze
59. Have a tacky Christmas sweater party
60. Make a gingerbread house
61. Build a snowman
62. Make at least 1 homemade Christmas gift


63. Go on a date
64. Have a guy buy me flowers


65. Register my conceal carry permit
66. Buy a gun
67. Build up an emergency fun
68. Pay off my car in a year
69. Be a vegetarian for a week
70. Celebrate my dogs birthdays

I've already started and I'm so excited to finish my list so I can keep working on these goals!

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