Hey I Don't Think I'm in Richmond Anymore!

Monday, May 18, 2015

So I meant to have some posts planned, but last week flew by. Really, it flew by. Monday quickly turned into Tuesday and Tuesday was filled with packing and before I knew it I had gotten 3 winks of sleep and I was at the airport.

I took a mini-vacation/long weekend with Suzanne to go out to Kansas to visit a few college friends. It was a blast! I has so much fun, and now I'm about to share all the fun with y'all.

If you want to see all the pictures from the weekend, you can check out #HeyIDon'tThinkWereInRICAnymore on Instagram. Very long, but kind of catchy for Kansas in my own personal opinion.

So our Wednesday started out with a huge delay. We were supposed to arrive in Kansas at 10:30 Central time, but at that time we were just getting ready to fly out of Richmond airport. So our first day was pretty much ruined by airplane troubles.

Wednesday we had quite the adventures as well. We went geocaching, visited a few cool places around Manhattan, KS, went to a cool ice cream shop on K-State campus, saw Tuttle Creek, went shopping and finally went bar hopping. Here are a few of the pictures.

A photo posted by Ashley Bishop (@msabish15) on

A photo posted by Ashley Bishop (@msabish15) on

A photo posted by Ashley Bishop (@msabish15) on

Friday wasn't quite as adventurous as Thursday, but we still had a great time. We went up to Wamego, Kansas and did all the fun Wizard of Oz things. We ate lunch at Toto's Tacos, walked down the Yellow Brick Road and visited the Oz Winery. After Wamego, we went to a waterfall nearby and got all kinds of wet and dirty! When we got back home we had a nice cookout, I learned to do the two-step, Texas style and had a really nice evening.

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Overall it was a really nice trip. I am already wanting to go back out in September so I can see all the beautiful sunflowers all over the state. I miss my best friend! 
I'm planning to go into more detail in a few posts in the future so watch out for that. Also remember if you want to see more pictures go to instagram and search #HeyIDon'tThinkWereInRICAnymore

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