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Monday, June 22, 2015

Everything has seemed to be out of whack lately. I guess under the circumstances that is to be expected. But I'm kind of ready for things to get back to normal. I think it's my way of dealing with my feelings or at least trying to.

The one thing I think will really help me is running again. I had been running three times a week, trying to prepare for my 5k that was a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I have only run a few times since then. I was supposed to have a run Saturday. The BlackLight Run actually. I was super excited about it but it got rained out. And I mean rained out. I looked like I had stepped into the shower fully clothed by the time I got to the car. So that was a no-go. It was the last race I had signed up for until the Independence Day 8k in Myrtle Beach.

I might have gone a little crazy signing up for this 5 mile run but I'm really excited. I'm not so excited about the humidity, but I'll make it through. I am actually looking forward to a few runs in the future and hope I can convince myself to sign up for them. One in particular that I'm looking forward to is the High Bridge Half. It's back in my college town and would be my first half marathon. I would also like to do the Wounded Warrior 5k which is sponsored by my college. Both of these races are on my favorite running path near Longwood!

I do hope that I can get into other exercises besides just running. I would love to start doing yoga. I feel like running combines with yoga would be a great way to stay limber and strong and also help my personal body image. Plus I hope with yoga it can help emotionally as well as strengthen physically.

Do you have any suggestions for yoga?
If you run, when is your next race?

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