To-Do List Tuesday

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This first week was, well, let's just say I'm not used to having a list of things I want to do over the week! Hopefully this coming week will be many more green items crossed off!

Last week check in:

1. Make homemade bathroom cleaner -  I forgot to get some Dawn, so this will be on my list for this coming week!
2. Unpack my bags from vacation - Finally my floor isn't cluttered with bags! 
3. Check out gyms in the area - I visited Gold's Gym as well as a local gym. I'm not so sure about Golds, which kind of sucks, but hopefully I'll get a membership soon!
4. Drink at least 2 water bottles (40 oz) per day - I missed Saturday for drinking 40 oz, but overall I'm pretty happy.
5. Renew library books (if possible); return books (if unable to renew) - I finished the book I was currently reading and returned that yesterday and renewed the next book in my list. Be sure to look out for my reviews on these books coming the first week of August!

So on this week's To-Do List:

1. Get at least 13,000 steps each day
2. Make homemade shower cleaner
3. Clean out my purse
4. Film a vlog for this week
5. Buy limeade ingredients

This week is pretty simple and hopefully I will have all greens!

What do you need to do this week?

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