To-Do List Tuesday

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I have been quite the slacker this week. I had planned posts but I just didn't do them. My grandmother came down to visit and I never feel right playing on the computer when she is here. Let's hope for a better blog schedule for August, shall we?!

Last week:

1. Get at least 13,000 steps each day - I almost made this. I was lacking 2 days of getting 13000 steps each day. But I did get over 95000 steps this week. 
2. Make homemade shower cleaner - I made this and used it. I think it worked pretty well. It definitely makes the shower smell better.
3. Clean out my purse - Epic fail. My purse is still full of receipts and other non-needed items. 
4. Film a vlog for this week - I filmed my Insanity vlog yesterday and that should go live Thursday.
5. Buy limeade ingredients - I bought the ingredients, I just didn't get around to making the limeade and posting the recipe. I promise I will do that soon!

This week I want to:

1. Drink 50 oz of water each day
2. Edit my vlog film
3. Make limeade and schedule recipe post

That's it. This is a short to-do list week because well frankly I can't think of many things I want to do, at least not right now.

Did you get all of your list complete last week?
What are you trying to get done this week?

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