Jingle Bell Rockers

Monday, September 14, 2015

Lately I've been trying to be focused on my health, well health and dating, but the dating is a little touch and go right now. So I'm taking time to work on me and become the best me I can be. I finished my first month of Insanity: Max 30, which I must say was hard. It was definitely hard, but I feel stronger.

Since I've been exercising more, I've been trying to eat better and eat more protein. I started researching protein powder but gosh I didn't know there were so many! After looking at 10 different proteins and weighing their pros and cons, I decided to try Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard. Have y'all used that or tried protein powder before? Of course after shopping around for the best protein to have, I had to shop around for the best price on it. I went to the Vitamin Shoppe, and I must say I'm pretty I'm pretty impressed with them. They have very competitive prices and the workers were very friendly.

I ended up leaving the shop with ON Gold Standard Rocky Road protein powder, probiotics and a 7 day cleanse. The cleanse is cleaning me out all right. If you're thinking about starting a cleanse, I would say to start it on Friday or Saturday because you may spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom the first few days. I sure did.

I still wanted to keep up with my running though, so I signed my mom and I up for a few races for the fall/winter. We are doing the Halloween Half marathon that travels to a few different cities, though we chose to only run the 5k since the 8k in July was a little tough. But we still get a medal for running the 5k so I'm super excited. I'm in it for the medal y'all! I mean, that's true, but I do enjoy crossing the finish line and I'm super excited to dress up for this one. Mom is going to be a scarecrow and I'm dressing up as a bumble bee. I've got all the stuff to make a black and yellow tutu. I'm super excited.

I'd also seen so many people running the turkey trot on Thanksgiving last year, I wanted to participate in one. So I signed us up for that. I think we plan to make a half tutu that looks like turkey feathers. Can you tell I'm digging the tutus?

This morning registration opened for a tacky light Christmas run so I signed up the whole family for that. My mom and I plan to run the 5k and my dad and cousin are going to walk. You could choose a team name for this, so we decided on the Jingle Bell Rockers. Once again, I'm going to wear a tutu, some red and green stripped stockings and an elf hat. I'm super excited.

What races are you doing the rest of the year?

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