Pumpkin Puppy Treats

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Recently my life has been all about work and my sweet pups, Christy and Bo! So when I got an email from Chewy to review a product for my pups I was super excited! This is actually the October review, sorry for the lateness of it. Where has October gone?! But that's a different matter all together!

I don't know about y'all but sometimes my Shelties can have some rank breath. So when Chewy gave us the option of awesome October treats, I went with the Natural Balance Dental Chews in PUMPKIN! I mean if I am getting into the fall spirit, they can too!

Bo waiting patiently for me to open the box

They just love getting new treats! Plus if they can pass Christy's smell test, you know it's a true winner. She barely even gave this dental chew a second sniff before grabbing it up and prancing to her favorite chew spot. She started chowing down immediately!

Christy and Bo, as well as myself want to give a huge thanks to Sydney and the Chewy team for sending us awesome treats and toys to try out to share with y'all!

Christy and Bo receive free items from Chewy for an honest review to share with y'all!

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