The Bar Story

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

If you have been staying caught up with the little bit I've been writing recently, you will have noticed little hints about a new man in my life. Or if you follow along on my other social media accounts, the cat is out of the bag! I have been so happy being around him and spending time with him, I can't wait any longer to tell y'all.

So here's the back bar story, it's a little long and includes many other guys before we get to Mr. Right.

My friend and I wanted to try out this somewhat new bar in our town. We were very curious about it and since I was getting off early the day before Thanksgiving, we decided to go. It was a quaint (if a bar can be quaint), little place. They had live music and mostly a local crowd there. Unfortunately, we decided to leave early due to being hit on by a drunk guy (Guy #1) that just wouldn't give up. As luck would have it, the next bar we tried was dead as can be, so we went back to the original place to listen to the live music and give it one more go.

The second time around a much nicer guy bought us a round of drinks. Wait for it, we still haven't met Mr. Right yet! As we were sitting there talking to Guy #2, Guy #3 came up and asked the 3 of us if we wanted to play some pool. We agreed and moved over towards the pool table. As we were playing, and very poorly on my part, Guy #4 walked in and sat down by the pool table. I had seen #3 and #4 walk in together so I figured they were friends. After taking my turn, in which I was very horrible and missed the ball I was aiming at completely, I went over to Guy #4 and asked him to not judge me on my pool playing skills... smooth Ashley! It was the best I had in my semi-intoxicated state! Things went from there and that is how I met NPG.

You will have to come back next week to find out more of NPG and my story!

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