The First Date

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

So it's time for a first date. Yes, I'm talking about NPG and I. We met on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (in case you missed it previously-- click the link!)  But before we get there let me finish up from Wednesday night.

I wanted to make it an early night due to the fact that I had a 5k Turkey Trot run the next morning. But when I met NPG, I just didn't want to leave. 10 o'clock came, 11 o'clock came and passed. Eventually at 1:30 in the morning NPG told me to go home so I could actually run in the morning. PS that run had me feeling like complete crap! Don't go drinking the night before a run!

Anyway, back to the date. I was hoping NPG would text me while I was running, but no luck. I was a little disappointed. Eventually we got to talking though. He asked me on a date for Friday. I said yes, of course!

We went to this cool little restaurant in the historical district of a nearby city. I had never been there before, but I had a good time. Our first date was unlike any I'd been on. Maybe it was the fact that we'd met in a casual setting and didn't have all of the first date jitters. I'm not really sure. But in any case, I felt like I could be natural around him. We ate dinner and when the house band started to play, we decided to hit up another bar just around the block so we would have a better chance of still talking.

After a few drinks we decided to leave. I knew I shouldn't drive yet, so I asked if I could check out his new Jeep he bought earlier in the day. We sat there listening to the radio and just talking. I really didn't want to leave and not just because I shouldn't be driving. Eventually when there was a lull in our conversation, we kissed. Maybe first kiss in the car doesn't sound romantic and magical, but let me tell you, it made me extremely happy and I feel like I've been on that same high since November!

We ended up spending every day of that weekend together, and every weekend since then together as well! I have been so happy, I can't even express it.

So I have a few more stories I will share with y'all in the coming weeks!

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