January In the Rear View

Friday, February 5, 2016

I didn't do a crazy end of the year recap for 2015. It wasn't bad, I just didn't feel like I had documented well enough to remember all of the good things. So this year I have made a "resolution" of sorts to document more and remember more of the crazy small good stuff that goes on this year. So let's recap January, shall we?!

January 1- 

NPG and I rang in the new year with another couple in our college town. It was nice to have a bit of nostalgia along with the dreams of the future!

January 10 - 

NPG and I found our first 5 star difficulty Geocache. It was a mystery cache and it took us about 6 hours to find and a lot of googling. It was really fun though!

We even found a travel bug in the geocache! We are still holding on to it; we're waiting for the perfect cache to put it in!

January 21 - 

NPG's Birthday!! I celebrated by giving him his own geocaching survival backpack! This was a huge surprise for him but he loved it. He also loved his huge coffee mug he got!

January 22 - 

Virginia had our first big snowstorm since I can actually remember! I think the count for my area was a little over 12 inches. NPG and I went sledding in his back yard, it has an awesome hill for sledding. He even put out a ramp to sled over, though I was too chicken to try it.

January 30 - 

NPG and I celebrated our friends birthday at one of my and her favorite "beer" places. Bold Rock Brewery is a Virginia hard cider brewery. I don't know if Bold Rock is sold outside of Virginia, but it is awesome and we were lucky enough to go there to celebrate! We also visited Devil's Backbone (another brewery in the area).

Well so long January! I hope February will be just as awesome!

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