February Review

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Check, 1..2... I think this thing is still working! Hey, y'all I'm back. I didn't mean to be so absent but life happens and sometimes you just have to live it. But I'm back now and I'm here to share y'all all the life I was living during the month of February.

In case you missed my explanation of why I'm doing this, you can check out January, or the basic run down is I want to remember all the good that happens through the year. And this is my way of doing it!

February 7 - 

Super Bowl! NPG and I spent the afternoon hanging around the house and watched the Super Bowl that evening. We made a bet on the game, loser buys dinner. That will be the last bet I make with him!

Febraury 12 - 

When I got to NPG's house Friday night, he had roses waiting on the table for me! It was the first time I'd received flowers for Valentine's day

February 14 - 

My best friend Suzanne had a couple "bridal" shower where couples came and had brunch and celebrated. It was a lot of fun and a great way to kick off Valentine's day! Later in the day NPG and I went shopping for home decor and went out to dinner at Lonestar Steakhouse.

February 19 - 

Unfortunately not all things could be love and roses. One of our closest family friend, a lady who was much like a grandmother to me passed away. She was well into her 80s, but she is missed everyday.

February 20 - 

It was the first nice day we had in a while, so we took advantage of it! NPG and I went out on the boat during the day and then spent the afernoon with friends. While I didn't get a picture of us on the boat, I do say we clean up nicely!

February 21 - 

We took a trip up to northern Virginia where NPG is currently working and spent the day geocaching and getting rained on. It was a lot more fun that it sounded and we made some good memories that day!


February 27 - 

NPG and I took on Richmond! We went exploring in a few places I'd never been before. It was really fun to see all the amazing sights around the James River! I've never been one to go exploring in Richmond but I can't wait to go again soon!


The Pipeline 

Hiking and geocaching around Richmond parks

February 28 - 

NPG and I did a little more hiking around a local historic park. It is a representation of some of the first settlers in America. It is actually really cool though we didn't go to it. We hiked the 5 mile trail that is the rest of the park. And of course we geocached!

Overall, I think this was a pretty good month. I'm excited to see what March holds!

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