Proper Planning

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Have y'all ever meant to do something and then things life gets in the way?! That's what happened for me last week. I had been planning to unveil this cool new project, but it took longer than I expected to get ready and my friends wanted to go out to eat and well you get the picture. Life happens.

PS you'll get the whole scoop on the cool new project this coming Thursday!

I always feel like I have the best intentions of doing things. Doesn't everybody though? My friend's dog died a few weeks ago and I went out and got her a doggie sympathy card, but forgot to look up her address to send it to her. Now weeks later, I feel like it would just be a sad reminder. Your best intentions don't really get you very far when it comes to action.

NPG has this saying that made me go "huh" when he first said it. It's the 6-Ps you should always remember! Proper planning prevents piss-poor performance. I'm a planner. Like I always like to have a plan especially when it comes to meeting up with people or even just going though my work day, but I had never thought of planning in that way. It really is true and a good phrase to remember.

NPG says it to his crew at work. When they don't plan properly, their mistakes cost the company millions. Granted, my improper planning of not sending a sympathy card or not writing a blog post ahead of time isn't that bad, but had I of planned a little better and been a little more organized, I could have gotten the card in the mail and posted about my new project last Thursday. 

Planning is good for more than just being reliable. It helps me to feel that I know what's going on in my life and don't leave anything or anybody out. Or you can use planning and preparing on a larger scale such as saving for your future. I know both of those make me a much more confident person.

Proper planning people!

Are you a planner or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

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