Raise 'Em Up

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What a mess the weather has been the past few weeks. Virginia has gotten over 7 inches of rain this month so far! While I know we need the rain, only having 6 sunny days in May just puts me in a really down mood. Last week as I was driving home in the rain, I was listening to the Storme Warren show and they were doing a segment on who/what you would raise up trophy high. Basically it's a nice way of giving people or things a pat on the back that don't normally get a big thanks. 

When I've heard this segment in the past they raise up the teachers and firefighters, the people that matter on a daily basis, but may not get the thanks everyday. And while hearing Storme and his cohost talk about joy and praising others that deserve a little pat on the back, I started to feel my mood shift from gloomy much like the weather to bright and cheerful.

I started to realize that life (for me at least) has gotten so push and shove that there isn't time to stop and smell the roses anymore. It feels like it's all about progress and no time to enjoy what I have. It's really nice to take 5 minutes to stop and think about what or who is important and raise them up trophy high. 

When we are all focused so much on making progress and money it's easy to get greedy and lose sight of the important things. I hate to sound like your typical country song, but things are moving too fast, I feel like people have forgotten what patients and kindness are all about. 

So I have a challenge for you this week. I challenge you to take 5 minutes to slow down. Take those 5 minutes and think about who or what you would lift trophy high. This week try to spread joy instead of greed. Don't let the weather or something your boss said get you down. Hold the door for somebody behind you. Say thank you when somebody does something kind for you. Or even say "Hello" or "Good morning" to somebody you pass in the hallway. Let that joy you spread to others raise you up! You'll be surprised how much it will improve your mood and attitude as well!

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