Fall is Here!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Warm days with cool evening. Apple picking. Pumpkin patches. Warm cider. Football. Scarves. The list could go on and on. Oh Fall, I always dread your arrival but I love you once you get here!

Does anybody else feel that way? I think I dread it because I know that Winter is next and I dread those short days and long nights. But all the perks of fall definitely make up for it.

One of my absolute favorite things about Fall (and Christmas for that matter) is decorating the house! I love being able to transform the house into different looks and feels with the seasons or holidays. And this year I'm all about some pumpkins!

This is actually my first year of decorating the house myself. Before living with my parents, my mom always decorated, but I'm finally getting my hand at it. NPG's mom and sister also used to decorate so we had some of their leftover fall decorations. I loved being able to mix their fun cozy decorations with mine and bring it all together. Plus it is a great chance for me to practice my interior photography! :)


Happy Fall Y'all!

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