National Pet Oral Health Care Month!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Did you know that February is National Pet Oral Health Care month?! I didn't either, but it's quite a mouth full! This month wanted to make sure pet owners knew all about pet oral care and centered their wonderful treats around taking care of your pets mouth!

Of course, I love the Blue Buffalo brand so much, I wanted Christy and Bo to try their Dental Bones. So far, the dogs love them! So if you are looking for a good dental bone, check out Blue Buffalo All Natural Dental Bones from!


Bo couldn't wait to get into the treat bag!

While Christy loves to take her time with bones. She will carry them around in her mouth until she finds the perfect spot to chew them up!

Either way, I think these were a hit and both Christy and Bo thank for supplying their wonderful treats!

We receive these treats free from to try and give our honest review on.

Songs Without Air Time

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

When it comes to listening to music, I go through spells of listening to it constantly and only having it on in the car as background noise. After all of the Christmas decorations had been taken down and it was no longer cool to listen to Christmas music, I had only been listening in the car.

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that music does play a slight role in my life especially with how I'm feeling. And that my main genre of choice is country! I've been enjoying my subscription to SiriusXM and especially The Highway. I like getting behind the scenes facts and such. Plus I love their countdown to the top music hits on the weekends.

I remember back in July, there was this country music artist whom I had never heard of until I started to listen to The Highway. It was Thomas Rhett and his hit song Crash and Burn was at the top of the charts the weekend of the Fourth of July. It was really catchy and I really liked listening to it. I didn't give him much thought, but would turn up that song whenever it came on.

Fast forward to October when his next hit, Die a Happy Man, (which is apparently still at the top of the country music charts) started making it's way onto the countdown. I really loved this song. I made up my mind I was going to go and buy his CD. Yes, I still buy CDs. So I bought it for those 2 songs. But wow! Was I floored when there were so many other good songs on this album that have yet to see the radio!

I'm sure there are many other albums that are the exact same way, off the top of my head, Nickelback's Dark Horse album was like this for me as well as Jason Aldean's My Kinda Party album. I bought both of those in CD as well.

So I figured I would share with y'all my top rated songs from Thomas Rhett's Tangled Up album that hasn't gotten any credit yet.

1// Anthem

This is the first song on the album and it's catchy. This is my theme song for when I'm pulling into NPG's neighborhood. Every Friday night when I'm on my way to his house after leaving work, I play this song and jam out. It's just that good!

2// South Side

This is a good dance in the shower kind of song. Okay, you can dance around your living room too, I've just found myself dancing to this one in the shower! Also very catchy and upbeat. I feel like there should be some kind of line dance to this song!

3// Vacation

At first I would skip over this song, it wasn't my favorite. It didn't sound like country music, I didn't want to listen to it. But when I actually gave it a chance, I really liked it. It quickly got added to my running playlist and a favorite on iTunes. Now I find myself dancing and bobbing my head in the driver seat to this wishing I was on vacation.

4// T-Shirt

This song had me hooked from the first time I heard it. Not the best song for younger folks, but we're all adults here, right?! Yeah, so this song. Just listen to it. It was actually requested to be played on The Highway. So I'm excited that other people like it as well!

5// Learned It From the Radio

While this song is different from all the rest because it is much slower, not the dancing song at all, it is the country song I'd been craving. I think it speaks to me because there are so many times I sat in my car blaring the radio because I had just gone through a breakup, I was mad at the world, I couldn't describe how happy I was, and all the situations in between. Definitely a must listen to.

And of course, we can't forget Crash and Burn and Die a Happy Man. The 2 songs I actually bought the CD for. But if you've been listening to country music anytime in the past year, you've already heard these!

What are some songs you like that don't get radio time?

January In the Rear View

Friday, February 5, 2016

I didn't do a crazy end of the year recap for 2015. It wasn't bad, I just didn't feel like I had documented well enough to remember all of the good things. So this year I have made a "resolution" of sorts to document more and remember more of the crazy small good stuff that goes on this year. So let's recap January, shall we?!

January 1- 

NPG and I rang in the new year with another couple in our college town. It was nice to have a bit of nostalgia along with the dreams of the future!

January 10 - 

NPG and I found our first 5 star difficulty Geocache. It was a mystery cache and it took us about 6 hours to find and a lot of googling. It was really fun though!

We even found a travel bug in the geocache! We are still holding on to it; we're waiting for the perfect cache to put it in!

January 21 - 

NPG's Birthday!! I celebrated by giving him his own geocaching survival backpack! This was a huge surprise for him but he loved it. He also loved his huge coffee mug he got!

January 22 - 

Virginia had our first big snowstorm since I can actually remember! I think the count for my area was a little over 12 inches. NPG and I went sledding in his back yard, it has an awesome hill for sledding. He even put out a ramp to sled over, though I was too chicken to try it.

January 30 - 

NPG and I celebrated our friends birthday at one of my and her favorite "beer" places. Bold Rock Brewery is a Virginia hard cider brewery. I don't know if Bold Rock is sold outside of Virginia, but it is awesome and we were lucky enough to go there to celebrate! We also visited Devil's Backbone (another brewery in the area).

Well so long January! I hope February will be just as awesome!

Kitchen Time is Food Time

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I don't know about y'all, but in my house (and pretty much all of my friends houses) most of the time is spent in the kitchen. Why is that?! It just tends to be a gathering spot whether it's meal time or not. I know NPG and I often spend hours at the kitchen table, looking out the window or talking and always sipping on coffee or sweet tea. Please tell me y'all do that too!!

So not only does the kitchen become the hang out for me and my friends and family, but it also becomes the hang out for our dogs as well. Christy and Bo as well as NPG's dog Bentley all love to hang out where we are. They are our little (or not so little) shadow! However, in their little minds, when you are in the kitchen it's because you are fixing food, so you should be giving them treats! I've tried to explain to them that the kitchen doesn't always mean food, but they just won't have that! : )

Bo is totally eyeing those treats!

So thanks to they are trying out some healthier snacks that I don't feel bad about giving them. For January my little sweetie pies tried the Blue Buffalo Kitchen Cravings treats. I was so happy to get these. I have been feeding the dogs Blue Buffalo dog food for about 3 months now and they seem to really like it, and I really like it because their fur has been so soft and easy to brush. So when I got the chance to try the treats from the brand that I love, I was ecstatic, and so were Christy and Bo!

They really liked these and I can't give them enough praise! You should definitely try them the next time you are in the market for dog treats!


I received these treats free from in exchange for my honest opinion.