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Friday, April 7, 2017

I’m sure y’all noticed that I have been absent for the past few months. I posted that I wanted to have better relationships in my life and unfortunately blogging got the boot while I was working on things in my personal life. One of those things I’m really happy to share with y’all now.

My best friend and I started a personal care business using essential oils and products you would find in your kitchen. And the name of that business. . . A.H. Essentials, I’m guessing you can figure out what A.H. stands for since you’re here reading American Honey Blog. :)

We started the business earlier in the year. We’ve been to one craft show, have one lined up for May and have recently started a business Facebook page. I’m so excited to get the business fully launched.

This is our soap collection!

One thing I’ve learned after starting my own small business is that reviews can help get your business out to the public. Whether it is by word of mouth or on the internet, having a good review can truly help your company or small business grow. Unfortunately the reverse it also true. A negative review can have a huge impact on business and sales.

My personal business moto is to truly care about the customer. Because we have started a personal care business, we want to know what our customers have going on in their lives and how to help them live better. So it’s easy for me to say customer service comes first. I want to always make our customers happy. So if we were to get a negative review, my first go to objective would be to send out a personal note to understand why the customer wasn’t satisfied with our product? Is there anything we could do for them to change their opinion of A.H. Essentials? Did they expect more? Did our product not work for them?

While getting a negative review would be hurtful emotionally, it’s also a wake-up call on how to make our business better. And while I’m not looking forward to the first negative review, we will try to take it in stride.

I know for some companies, negative reviews can’t be fixed that easily. If the customer’s opinion of the company doesn’t change by reaching out to them and trying to fix the problem, a negative comment can be detrimental to the company. However one person’s opinion shouldn’t dictate if the company succeeds or fails. There are services that can help the company get its reputation back such as Reputation Management.

Every company deserves a chance. Every person deserves a chance.

We would be extremely happy if you took a minute to visit A.H Essentials Facebook page! Also keep checking back, there may be a giveaway in American Honey’s future!

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