2017 Reading Goal & Book Review

Saturday, August 12, 2017

This year I’ve been seriously slacking in the reading department. Normally, every year I set a goal in GoodReads to read 25 books in a year. And normally I don’t read all 25, but I get close. This year I didn’t set my goal until July and honestly, I didn’t really even pick up a book until July either!

So 2017 reading goal is 6 books. For the first time ever, I should be able to accomplish this year’s book goal! Heck, I’m already 1 of 6 into the goal. I’m on a roll, y’all!

My first book of the year was by one of my favorite authors, Sandra Brown. I love her books so much. They are true page turners for me. So my July book was Smoke Screen. I read it in less than a week! I picked up the book from the library before we went to the beach on vacation. Each day I had my nose buried in that book from the time I started sipping my first coffee until the time we left the beach at 4pm that evening.

Smoke Screen is one of those mystery books that you can’t figure out the “bad guy”. You think you know who it is, but right at the very end, the rug gets pulled out from under you. It is truly a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat all the way to the end kind of book!

If you like murder mystery, love/romance novels, I would definitely recommend picking up Smoke Screen, or any Sandra Brown book!

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