I'm Running an 8k!

Friday, August 25, 2017

I’m downgrading. Yep, last year I ran the Richmond Half Marathon, and while it was fun (read not really that fun), I’ve decided that this year it would be better for me if I run the 8k. So I’ve signed up to run a mere 5 miles!

I have multiple reasons why I decided on the 8k this year instead of the half, (like mile 5-13) but the main one was my body. My legs gave me a terrible time last year during the training. It never really got resolved besides being told by my sports medicine doctor that it was a strain from overuse. 

Mom and I before the Half Marathon 2016
So in the interest of saving myself some pain but still being active, I’m running the 4.97 miles. Unfortunately because I’m running a smaller distance this year, I won’t have a training team to run with and keep me accountable. However, I did create my own training program which I started this week. A short 2 miles the first few weeks just to get back into the groove of things. Though it sure didn’t feel like a groove on those week 1 runs, but I know each run will get a little better!

As always, I will be doing the Galloway method (intervals) because psychology that helps me get through it. And as for race day, I always set 3 time goals for each race. These goals are roughly based off of times from the half last year as well as my first 8k back in 2015 when my time was 57 minutes. For this race my goals are:

Goal A: Finish the Race in 53 minutes
Goal B: Finish the race in 55 minutes
Goal C: Just cross the finish line and Finish the Race!

Last year during the half marathon, mile 9-12 was very tough, and honestly, I only cared about crossing the finish line. But boy, it was a feeling of accomplishment when I had a time of 2 hours and 35 minutes which was only missing Goal B by 5 minutes! It seems like a lot now, but at the time it felt darn good to only be 5 minutes off of my target goal! Goals truly help to keep me in check and going when my legs feel like they are made of lead!

All in all, I want to keep myself motivated, I’m going to share some running tips each week until the race day on November 11th! I learned a lot during my training last year and so I would love to share it with y’all and keep myself reminded of all of these important facts!

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