No Spend August Update

Monday, August 21, 2017

We're well past half way through August and it's officially time for a No Spend August update. I've had a few slips, but overall I think I've done fairly well during the month so far.

The first weekend of August, Texan and I went down to North Carolina for some home improvement projects to our little place. While I was waiting for Texan to get down there, I went out for coffee. I also paid for our dinner one night. Also, I went shopping with my mom this past weekend. Like I said, a few slips ups but nothing critical. But let's go through everything...

1. Know where my No Spend Savings will go - I was able to build my emergency fund back up between both paychecks. I'm so relieved to have it back up to where it was. I also have the money for my yearly bill set aside to pay it. I'm doing great as far as my savings go!

2.    Making a meal plan each week - This has been so difficult for me. Not the concept of it, I actually prefer to know what we’re going to eat during the week so I know what to buy when I go to the grocery store. The hard part for me is actually deciding what to eat without feeling like I eat the same thing every week. Our go-to meals are sloppy Joe’s, Italian sausage and veggies, and pizza. Sometimes I feel like we have those meals every week. So I’ve been struggling with trying new things and both of us enjoying them! Please tell me somebody else has this problem too?!

3.    Do NOT go to Wawa to get coffee - Aside from the above mentioned coffee I got while I was waiting for Texan in North Carolina, I have been really good and haven’t gone to get Wawa coffee this month so far. I almost did this past weekend when I was going shopping, but I controlled myself and just had the water I brought.

4.    Make a Wish List - I have done this somewhat. I know my computer needs a new battery, granted it still works. Though it’s frustrating because it won’t charge all the way and when it’s running on battery, it only last about an hour. So I plan to get the new battery next month since it should easily be paid for out of my fun money. Another thing I want is a lens for my camera, but I will have to save multiple months to get that since it’s $300+. I also know that my car will need new tires, not exactly a wish list item, but I want to go ahead and start saving now versus just waiting and being in a pickle.

5.    STICK TO THE BUDGET! - I think I have done fairly well at sticking to the budget. I’ve been able to save the amounts that I wanted and although the month is not all the way over yet, I’m still calling it a success.

In looking at my budget this month, I do think there is a way that I could improve how I budget where money goes. I mentioned earlier that I generally had $200 left over at the end of the month for a slush fund. So far, every month something has come up that I spend spend that extra money on. Even though these extra things that come up don’t break the bank, I always feel bad about spending the extra money and knowing it’s having to come from some other part of my budget because the slush fund is not specifically written into the budget.

So instead of making myself feel bad for spending money on things I don’t expect to come up, I’m going to create an account I’ll call the “slush fund”. Almost like a non-emergency, emergency fund. I will build it up until a certain point and only use it when necessary. It will be there in the instance when I signed up for the 8k, or when I bought camera insurance. Those little things that I can afford to do or get but that I didn’t exactly stick in the budget anywhere. That way, I won’t worry about where it’s coming from in my budget and I won’t feel bad about when those small things do come up.

How do y’all budget for unexpected events? Do you pull it from other areas of your budget or do you also have a slush fund?

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