8 Tips to Stress Less About Home Chores

Friday, September 15, 2017

Happy Friday y'all! I can't believe it's the middle of September and I'm getting ready to leave for Hawaii... this month has flown by, let's just hope that my vacation doesn't fly by. Though I'm sure it will and then I will be back to the grind of work and cleaning and such. Speaking of cleaning, I'm going to let Nicole take over the blog so I can get back to packing and getting ready.

Eight Tips to Stress Less About Home Chores

It’s like you don’t have enough responsibilities, chores had to come into your life and ruin all the fun. You’re probably asking yourself: “Why isn’t the universe in my favor?” Well, sure, it’s not a fun night out with friends and it can sure not be a dreadful night by yourself folding laundry. Here are eight tips to stress less about chores. Let’s go.

  1. Be mentally prepared. Wake up in the morning and have those chores in mind. Don’t be oblivious to the point where you get bit in the butt. Get done with your morning routine, and make sure your priorities are in check. Don’t be overwhelmed by the laundry or a few dirty dishes. It’s gross, not deadly. When the more important work is done, leave aside a few minutes to vacuum and put the laundry in the washer and wash the dishes.
  2. Don’t let it bundle up. It will definitely stress you out even more and affect your motivation and work flow. Before you know it, your essay is due in 10 minutes, you missed the wedding of your best friend and there is a pigeon in the bag of crisps that you finished 3 days ago, oh God!
  3. Put your headphones on and isolate yourself from the world. Now pick up that broom and start sweeping the floor while bopping to your favorite songs. It actually puts you in a positive mood and sets a nice flow of productivity. Plus you’re doing something you enjoy so Ha! Joke’s on you chore.
  4. Realizing how much this will benefit you in the long run. Just stop looking at the mess and do something about it. Be brave. Get out of this weird comfort zone. Not to state the obvious, but unless you find the place you live in being a chaotic mess aesthetically pleasing then nice try, you can’t fool me. A clean home keeps your head clear.
  5. Ask someone for help. If the struggle is too big just ask your partner or other family members to help you out. Request a friend’s help and later make it up to them. Just don’t fall into a habit where your friend regularly comes over and throws out your trash. They are your friend, not the garbage man. If you have a dog, you could always ask them to walk it, that’s something a lot of people would enjoy. And if you have a cat who you take out on walks and ask your friends to do that instead, they will question the choices you make in life but they will still do it, because they are cool.
  6. Cleaning is a chore that everyone has had to face since they were kids. If you want your home to be nice, welcoming, cozy and warm when you come back from work then keep everything in order. If you do not want to do this for yourself, then do it for others. Show your friends that you have your life put together when it may actually not be. If you start pretending that everything is clean, there is a high chance that you will actually start cleaning up more thoroughly and will pay attention to detail. If you haven’t learned to clean while growing up, it is never to late to start gaining that experience.
  7. You are not alone, keep that in mind. Some of the chores that you find being way too much are other people’s easy days. Everyone has to face a list of mundane tasks every day, and sure, it gets hard every once in a while. But do not let petty things like that get you down. You got this.
  8. Shift the perspective, don’t focus on the negative side of the situation. Don’t look at chores as the annoying guest who has overstayed their welcome, but instead be fond of your home and put effort in taking care of it. Let it breathe, so you can breathe better as well. Piled up unwashed dishes and a messy floor do not put as big of a halt to your day if taken care of at the moment as when left to accumulate more dirt. When you finish your lunch don’t leave your plate to the side with the mindset that it should be washed next time you need it.

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