Top 7 Running Gear Must Haves

Friday, September 8, 2017

Happy Friday y’all! I’ve officially made it to the third week of my 8k training. My runs have been a little tough so far. I’ve had the return of the dreaded calf pain as well as the hint of shin splints. Luckily it’s nothing that some KT Tape, Advil and rest hasn’t been able to fix.
As I was putting the KT Tape on this past week, I thought about how I had no clue it existed until last year when I was running with the training team. There are so many cool things I learned about at the training team meetings and long runs. So this week I want to share with you my top 7 running gear must haves.

1.  Running Shoes

This is by far the most important “gear” you need when training for a race/race day. I used to go down to the mall and find some pretty shoes that I thought looked nice and wear them to run. I can’t believe I didn’t have more problems with my legs. Finally I got smart and went to a local running store where they watched me run and fitted me with the perfect shoe for my legs and how I run. BEST. DECISION. EVER. Just do it!

2.  Appropriate Clothing

No matter whether the race is in the dead of winter or the heat of the summer, the temperature is always something you want to think about when picking out your running clothes. In the summer, you want to think about staying cool while running so your core temperature doesn’t rise into the danger zone, but in the winter, you want to consider dressing as if it’s 10 to 25 degrees hotter than the actual temperature outside because your core temperature will raise when you’re running. Thanks to long November runs, I learned very quickly that I didn’t have to dress like the Michelin Man in order to stay warm during runs.

3.  Hands-free belt

I used to carry my iPod, phone, keys and ID with me while I was running. AND I tried to carry all of that in my hands. Talk about having your hands full. Finally I wised up and got a belt that is slim, fits under my shirt without looking like a fanny pack and will hold all of the above mentioned items. There are a few brands out there but I definitely recommend getting something to hold all of your essentials. Here is an example on Amazon that would work great!

4.  Earbuds

Last year when I was training my mom and I ran together, so we were just those annoying people who played our music out loud. Yep, that was us. But this year since we will be running different races and aren’t training together, it is essential that I have good earbuds to listen to my music.

5.  Sunglasses/Hat

You sign up for races months in advance, so it’s hard to know what the weather will be like on race day. And most of the time races run in rain, shine, sleet or snow. Two invaluable running accessory are sunglasses and a running hat.

6.  Water bottle with handle

Like I mentioned in number 3, I used to carry a lot in my hands when I ran. Since I bought my belt, I have been able to carry a water bottle with me, which really helps for long runs when you don’t have water/SAG stations. I finally wised up though and instead of carrying a regular water bottle, I bought a bottle that will fit on my hand so I don’t actually have to hold it while I’m carrying it. Pretty sweet invention if I have to say so myself!

7. Running ID

Because last year's half marathon was shortly after my mom’s birthday, I wanted to get her something running related for her birthday. I decided on a RoadID, a little metal tag that you velcro on your shoe that has important information in case something happens while you’re running. I love the comfort of knowing that if something happened to me while I’m on a run, my emergency information and who to contact is right there on my shoe. You can also get these as a bracelet, anklet or to fit on your sports watch.

And as for a bonus running gear…
Bonus:  KT Tape

While this won’t be a necessity for every run, when you have a sore muscle this will be a God-send. Last year during my long runs, I would get calf pains so bad my foot would eventually go numb. Talk about scary running situations. But once I heard about KT Tape and started using it, I felt like a completely different person. It is so worth the money to get this!

What are some of your running essentials?

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