Surviving Like Jericho

Friday, February 9, 2018

Four years ago, I came to the realization that if an emergency situation were to strike my family or myself, I would not be prepared. Luckily, I have not had to face any true emergencies since then; however, the TV series Jericho really opened my eyes to the possibilities of what could happen.

Over the course of four years I put a lot thought into getting prepared for various types of events but it took me at least three years (and somebody who believes in being prepared even more than me) before I decided to do more than keep a hoodie and pair of tennis shoes in my trunk. Originally, I considered said blanket, hoodie, pair of tennis shoes and some paper towels in my trunk as being prepared. While that was a limited but good start, it wouldn't have gotten me very far. And surprise, surprise... emergencies don't only happen when you are in your car.

Think about if an emergency occurred in your life, how would your family survive? Would you have enough water and food to survive for three weeks?

Through my research during the past few years, I've gained some practical knowledge on preparedness that I want to share with y'all. There is a wide range of being prepared and being prepared doesn't mean that the world is going to end. Events such as Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston, or the earthquakes effecting California would be examples of what I'm preparing for. In my life, we have seen huge ice storms that cut the power and left the roads impassable for over a week. 

How much you prepare for is a personal choice, but in all reality you never want to be without the things
you need.

I'm inviting y'all to come visit me on the second Friday of every month for my "Surviving Like Jericho" preparedness series. I plan to answer questions such as:

- How much water do you need to store?
- How much and what kinds of food to store?
- How do I prepare food without my kitchen?
- What if the power goes out? What kind of light is safe/the best to use?
- What do I do about personal hygiene during an emergency?

Are there any specific questions you have about getting prepared for emergency situations? Leave them in the comments below!

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