Cleaning Can Be Fun

Friday, May 4, 2018

Dusting, sweeping, moping, wiping down mirrors, changing out sheets or pretty much anything that resembles cleaning has never been my thing. I have always kept a happy medium between a clean house and "Woah, I think a tornado just hit my house!" Luckily Texan also has this motto of the house being just clean enough.  

Recently I've been trying to trick myself into enjoying cleaning. The verdict is still out on figuring out if cleaning will become my new past-time. Although I've found that the kitchen is the one room in the house that I could almost say I enjoy cleaning! It's something about a clean kitchen that somehow makes the rest of the house feel so much better (even if there are clumps of dog hair hanging out in the corners of the next room - I never said I was perfect!). 

But even if I'm not perfect, I want my house to be something I'm proud of. So I've been trying to clean more often. I've actually found a few things that have made cleaning the house more bearable!! 

1. Make a cleaning schedule 
I used to get so overwhelmed by the thought of using my whole weekend to clean the entire house. I would work on cleaning the house and be so done with cleaning it wouldn't get cleaned the rest of the month. Since then I've found that it's better to focus on one room at a time. Each week(end) I will go through one room and give it a good fairly deep cleaning. Here is what my house breakdown looks like: 

Week 1: Kitchen Week 2: Living Room and Laundry Room Week 3: Dining Room and Hallway Week 4: Master Bedroom Week 5: Bathrooms Week 6: Office Week 7: Downstairs Kitchen and Gym Week 8: Downstairs Living Room and Guest Bedroom 

Each week (or weekend) I will spend about 30 minutes to an hour going through each room and giving it a good deep cleaning. After I've gone back through every room and gotten to Week 8, the next week it will be time to go back to Week 1 in the kitchen. And honestly the kitchen needs it because there will be all kinds of doggy nose prints on the fridge by that point!  
I've found this is one of the best ways for me to get the most out of cleaning without being so discouraged that I stop cleaning all together. 

2. Cleaning Motivation!  
While I was on the search of the best way to clean, I ran across a few cleaning Youtubers that I couldn't stop watching. Some of the girls I love are Erica Lee, Love Meg and Brianna K. If you want some cleaning motivation - just watch them! They make cleaning the house look fun!  

3. Fun Products 
I used to believe that you should completely use up something before you bought more. And while that might be a smart decision for something like Ketchup, I decided to make an exception for cleaning products! I've found that cleaning with the same multi-purpose cleaner in every room can get a little boring. I decided to spice up my routine a little by playing around with brands and scents! I recently found the joy of Method and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. (Also be on the lookout of a review on the products I've been using) 
I am pretty determined to keep my house clean this year. Do y'all do anything special to keep you motivated to clean your house and keep it that way?  

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